Unveiling women in Somalia


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i really do fear for Somali's future, once the kafirs take control, somali will come to an end.. somali might be unpeaceful country but they never accpeted beers or porks into that land..and now i think beers and porks will be it's future..ya rabb..help bring peace to this ummah of yours and oh ALLAH don't let a disobieded servant of your rule over your servants..Rabanaa wataqabl du'aana!

ur sis fil islam


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I remember that Euthophia was assisted by many nations for being a dry country for a long period quite some time ago...
Is this what the Euthopians are doing to the neighbours...
They were dying under the hot sun, without water and all...
Muslims, like Malaysians, donated, and I believe all the neighbours helped too...
Wow, just like the Zionists, who were helped by muslims when they were hunted down by their Christian Enemies, but now riding on muslims for a piece of land...
Great work of Satan, it is...


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To all that replied to my post....

Jazakh'Allah, for your efforts into trying to make me believe that this was something that actually did occur. The thing is thou, I will not believe it. As simple as that. Would someone please give me a reliable source to this other then saying I saw it on the news or I heard it somewhere....HARD facts please. I think a brother gave a name of some author but thats all I got, and that btw does not tell me anything.

Anyways, as I stated before, this is all propagonda. It really is. Even if the unveiling of those women took place (which I highly doubt) it would be justified. I would do it myself, if groups of people dressed up in burgas to be in disguise and terrorized innocent ppl. I do not know if that was the case, but it could be as a brother has already mentioned.

Anyways, please brothers and sisters lets not forget that Somalis are 99.99% Muslim, and with that said let me remind you all that the current president of Somalia, as well as his supporters are also Muslims. Please, lets stop pointing the fingers at non-Somalis (khafirs) and lets for once put the blame on Somalis. They are the reason why their country has been in complete chaos for 16+ years. Furthermore, if they do not come together as one nation under Allah's rules they will continue being under state of chaos. BTW: when I say under Allah's rules, I do not mean a bunch of liers dressed up like shieks with their own worldly agenda's at mind...aight! Salaam


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assalaamu alaykum,

i dont know why fardowsa is so defencive of this criminal government who sort the help of KAAFIRS to fight againts the LAW OF ALLAH. i dont know who you mean when you say "bunch of liers dressed up like shieks " but if you mean our sheikhs such as sheikh aweys and shariif, then you have committed a big SIN and a lie against them and may allah forgive you sister and show you the fulse from truth.