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I know this Hadith and I have read this in many places:
"Woe to the man who tells lies just to make people laugh. Woe to him, woe to him!"

So does this Hadith imply on jokes as well?

Yes, I know jokes are lies but the person to whom you tell a joke knows that it is not true. Please don't give your own opininions, but a good source or link from where I can search.

Jazakallah ulKhair


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The question that need to be asked is why would a god fearing person would want to tell a joke involving lies. world is not for fun and there is plenty of things you need to be serious.Like to remain pious and to learn Allah's book and other thing that is related the purpose of life. And plus the Hadheeth itlesf has made it clear.


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
So we can't even read or listen to jokes? But when other Muslims tell jokes we can't listen to those jokes?