What does Ramadhan means to you?

  • A very auspiciuos month to double your Ibadah efforts?

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  • A month to reflect on your past deeds, to repent and resolve to be better Muslim?

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  • A month that you should rest more and only engage in those wajib deeds?

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  • Treat it like any other month?

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The following practises are encouraged during Ramadhan as taught by my local Imam. I thought its nice to share this. Such practices may differ on that what members are currently practising/ taught but then again all these practices point to our taqwa of Allah SWT and to take advantage of this great Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

Your comments are welcomed

Check-list on Muslim daily practice during Ramadhan

1. To greet the arrival of Ramadhan to fellow Muslims

2. On the 1st night declare your intention (niat)to fast for the whole Ramadhan and follow with daily declaration of your intention (niat)

3. Perform your Ishak (prayer) solat in the mosque or musalla (as far as possible)

4. Join the jumaah to perform 20 rakaat Taraweeh prayers every night

5. Recite the Quran jointly from juzuk to juzuk (if possible in a group so that each can be corrected during the reciting)

6. Recite the last 4 verses of surah Al-Kahfi before you go to bed in the hope that you will be awake at least 2 hours before the next day fast begins

7. Rise at about 2 hours before fasting day begins and perform the Qiamullail ( i.e. perform the Solat Tahajjud, Solat Taubah (repenrance) and Solat Hajat (wish)

8. Do not sleep after your meals in the early morning

9. Where possible, perform Fajr prayer in the mosque or Musolla

10. After the prayer, recite the Quran ( a short one)

11 When the sun rises perform Isyraq prayer (solat)

12. Proceed to do your daily work

13. After about 3 hours perform the Dhuha prayer (solat)

14. If permissible or possible, sleep for an hour at around noon to make up for the loss of sleep during your early morning Qiamullail

15. Perform Zuhur prayer (solat) with Jammah in mosque or Musolla

16. Recite the Quran (a short one)

17. Perform 'Asar prayer (solat) with Jammah in mosque or Musolla

18. When you are free before break of fast it is advisable to follow through on Islamic teaching or do a lot of Dua (supplication) as that period of time is most mustajab to dua. Do this rather than o waste time in front of the tv and the likes

19. Break your fast with minum intake of fodd preferably dates or local fruits. Avoid cooked food at this time

20 Rush to perform your Maghrib prayer (solat)

21. Then join the family to have proper meal

22. The get ready to go to the mosque or Musolla to perform Ishak prayer (solat) with the Jamaah and the Taraweeh prayers/



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Assalamu Alaikum



:jazaak: for sharing!:biggrin:

1. What's Surah Al-Kahfi?

2. How do you perform Salat Taubah?

3. How do you perform Salat Hajat? For what purpose would you do this prayer?



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:salam2: Sis in Islam,

I will try my best to answer all your question. But then again I am not a scholar and my answers may not be quite accurtae or agreed by more learned friends. Nevertheless if I err in some way I will ask for Allah SWT to forgive me. And I welcome members to comments and give further suggestions on this topic.

The answers to your questions:

1. Sura Al-Kahfi (The cave) is Sura no 18 in the Quran
2. The last 4 ayah (verses) are translated as follows:

Verse 107 -
Verily, those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah - Islamaic Monotheism) and do righteous deeds, shall have the Gardens of Al-Firdaus (Paradise) for their entertainments

Verse 108 -
Wherein they shall dwell (forever). No desire will they have for removal therfrom

Verse 109 -
Say (O-Muhammad SAW to mankind) " If the sea were ink for (writing) the Words of my Lord, surely, the se would be exhausted before the Words of my Lord would be finished, even if We brought (another sea) like it for its aid

Verse 110
Say (O Muhammad SAW) " I am only a man like you, It has been revelead to me that your Ilah (God) is one Ilah (God - i.e. Allah). So whover hopes for the meeting with his Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord

3. Salat Taubah
Is a sunat prayer (not mandatory or fardh) performed with 2 rakaat to express one's regret over sins and bad deeds committed in the past and to resolve no to repeat similar deeds. We pray slata taubah to seek God's forgiveness and the avoidance of the fire (hell)

The thought and intention is our heart when we perform slat taubah (Prayer of repentannce)

a. One must be serious to repent with regret and with intention not to repeat the bad deeds of the past, the current and future
b. Always feel terrified of Allah SWT wrath which will befall a person if he/she is not forgiven by Allah SWT
c. one with high expectations that one's sins will be forgiven by Allah SWt after the repenteance

How to perform the salat;

a. Perform 2 rakaat with 1 salam
b. Your declared intention (nia) will be

I pray salat taubah 2 rakaat because of Allah SWT

c. Ist rakaat after Fatihah recite sura Al-Kafirun
d. 2nd rakaat after Fatihah recite sura Al-Ikhlas

Recommended follwoing the salat

e. Say Astaghfirullah hil a'dzim ( 70 times)
f. Say the Tasbih i.e. Suhaanallahil a'dzimi wabihamdihi (100 times)
g. Offer sadaqah (alms) to the poor
h. Observe fast (sunat) for 1 day

4. Slat Hajjat (prayer to wish for someting good)
This prayer is performed mainly to seek Allah SWT help in achieving something good e.g. to hope for sppedy recovery of someone who is ill, wishing that your children will grow with Imam to Allah Swt and etc.

How to perform the salat

a. Perform 2 rakaat with 1 salam
b. Your declared intention (nia) will be

I pray salat hajjat 2 rakaat because of Allah SWT

c. Ist rakaat after Fatihah recite sura Al-Kafirun
d. 2nd rakaat after Fatihah recite sura Al-Ikhlas
e.In the last sujud (prostration) recite the follwoing dua at least 3 times

Laa ilaa hailla anta suhaanaka inni kuntum minad dzalimin

f. After 2 rakaat give the salam as per normal prayer and then sujud (prostrate) again.
This time you may either in whispering tone or in your heart ask for some good thins that you wish for from ALlah SWT. Insyallah Allah is forver hearing the wishes of His servants.

Well, I hope the above helps. Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak.

Your Bro Zulmh


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I wish to point regarding your solat Taraweeh. The word Taraweeh means 'relax'. As according to Sunnah (perform by the Prophet SAW), he only did 8 and followed by the solat witr. It is logical, to perform 8, bro Zulmh nowadays, we will be tired of circumstances during the day when we do 20 raakats. The Prophet SAW must have seen whats good for the ummah.
I hope I provide you with the right answer.