What breaks wudu?

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Asslam alakium

I was just curious of a list of what breaks the wudu. I have also been told when in prayer and you think you have farted you must not stop praying unless you hear it or can smell it. Does it apply to when doing wudu too? If you have wudu and you do it again is that a bad thing? Finally if you pray lets say Asr and think yo have wudu for maghrib should you pray or it or do wudu first? thanks for reading p.s does anyone know what quran 3:57 mean the numbers inserted were random but I would like to know


Praise be to Allah!
Wa `alaykum al-Salam wa rahmatullah

The following invalidate Wudu'

1) Urine, stool, wind, Madhiy (pre-seminal fluid), Wadiy (white discharge that normally comes out after urinating) exiting the private parts. As long as they exit from a person normally (as opposed to incontinence) then this is nullifies Wudu'.

2) If Urine, stool and the likes exit from other parts of the body (due to an operation etc.)

3) Loss of intellect: Deep sleep, intoxication, unconsciousness, insanity etc.

4) Eating camel's meat.

Wassalamu `alaykum