What did i do...


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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As-salamu alaikum

What did i do today?
did i commit a sin or did i pray?
did i make a promise and then delay?
did i smile a my brother?
was i kind to my mother?
did i have khushu',
when i did ruku'?
did i ask Allah to guide my way
or did my iman go stray?

my brothers and sisters, may Allah keep us on the right path......Take time , and ask yourselves what you did today!!



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masha Allah.. nice post... jazak Allahu khyir ukthi...

nice reminder brother ayman1... jazak Allahu khyir


make dua 4 ma finals
jazakaAllah khairan abaayo:D

your poems are beautiful:D:D:D:D

thanksss for sharing 'em.......this is a beautiful one subhanaAllah and brother Ayman's reminder was so cute :D
loved that saying.....salaam