Question: What does this mean?

Umm Abdullah

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Assalamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

I was just wondering if any of you Arabic speakers could tell me what this means :

من باع الثمين بلا ثمن اشترى الرخيص بأغلى ثمن

I know what the words mean, but I can't understand it all together? :S Hope one of you can explain it to me, baarak'Allahu feekum ^^


The best richness, is the richness of the soul.
Precious sold (at a price) bought cheap (most expensive price).Strange things in life and stranger than wrong time and defect in folks time oddity and Agayeb we have seen in our lives, including ° of precious sold without a price and bought cheap.
an example is that you have a mother who had worn you 9months, that you kept good until you became independent. And ultimately you took her away, and you went to your friends.
In this sense, mother be an expensive and inexpensive are your friends. you have lost your mother and you choose your friends. you've left something expensive and opted for something cheap. You left her, She loves you with all, well cared for everything you did, so she can see that you grow up healthy and happy looks. and that you will do the same later for her and know what you mean to her.
So? well explained? : p


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Wacaleykumas-salaam waraxmatul'Lahi wabarakatuh, sister.

the sentence literally(as far as my Arabic goes :D ) means: who sold a precious(thing) without a price,had bought a cheap(thing) in the most expensive price!

I do not know of it since I'm not a native Arabic speaker either but it sure sounds as a proverb...and I don't know whether or not the mother proverb is in this form, is it?

but what message I could get from this is that: trading a precious thing for a cheap thing! or simply getting rid off of a precious thing unceremoniously only to get a cheap thing in the expense of the precious thing you had earlier and you got rid off.

Hope to hear from the native Arabic speakers too in sha Allah,that's why I resurrected your thread after seeing it Sister.