What is a Narrative Essay?


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Narrative essays are written to make an argument, or teach a lesson from personal experience.

  • Narrative essays are non-fictional and often autobiographical.
  • They are written in a more creative manner than the journalistic, objective writing.
  • In high school, narrative essays are an integral part of the curriculum.

What is the format of a narrative essay?​

No matter how long the narrative essay is, it follows the same basic structure.

  • Introduction - This begins with a hook to grab the attention of the reader, and then goes on to outline the main theme of the essay without giving away too much.
  • Body paragraphs - This is where the author presents her argument, describing scenes and events in great detail, creating characters and engaging in constructive dialogue.
  • Conclusion This brief reflection at the end summarizes the paragraphs before and drives home the point.

Popular Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays are written from personal experiences. As such, topics can vary greatly. Remember that narrative essays must make an argument or point.
These are some tips to help you come up with narrative essay ideas.

  • It was a time when you overcame fear, adversity or failure.
  • How it changed your life and the first time you have experienced it.
  • Your story and the lessons you have learned from a relationship.
  • Time when you strayed from the social norms and what it meant for you.
  • It was a life-changing experience for my child.
  • A story about your family or travels that has shaped you.
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