What the Ancients did for us - Muslims


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salaam allaikum

muslims had invented a lot of things before Europe even saw those things. this is just the introduction to some of those inventions. there are a lot of invention done by muslims if you have studied in Muslim Schools then you had learnt about those things.







salaam allaikum

Abu Juwairiya

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Jazakallah Khayrun for posting, but I would like to add one more thing to all of this.

Muslims should not be despondent when thinking of successful inventors, discoverers, academics, achievers, innovators and social entrepeneurs of the earliest generations of Islamic history.

It does not mean the subject is closed and will never be opened again. If we were once great and achieved grandness, international respect and honour and held a majestic legacy then, it can and will again be repeated in the future and when that happens, it will be better, more advanced and ten times higher than it had been in the first generations. The reason, we knew and followed our religion once as it should be and Allah gave us greatness.

When we learn to grasp full and total knowledge of Islam as comprehensively as they did and should and follow our religion, Allah will once more elevate and magnify us in the Duniya and this time inshallah it will be in greater proportion because of global population advancement among Muslims and also because it will be permanent once we rise again we won't turn back and allows ourselves to be divided and humiliated ever again.