What Was the Best Time in Your Life?



Each of us has a wonderful moment that can not be forgotten. It may be your wedding day, the birth of your first baby, your first day at school, university or at work or it may be a trip. Such moments are remarkable and stand out in your mind – they may in fact be the best time in your life!

Let's remember these days and share some of life's amazing moments with our brothers and sisters.:SMILY71:



The happiest moment in my life when i met my childhood friend after 15 long long years.....and i wil never forget that day ,,,,it was blessing of ALLAH (SWT) that He gave us that chance,,,,,


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Asalaamu Alaikum

I think it was when I was having a conversation about Islam when I was christian..I was saying that hijab is oppressive and it was invented by men and I was told no it was God's rule and I said well God is male (according to Christianity) and that is why the rule was made and I was told God was not male..so I said you think God is female? and they said God is neither. This was the happiest day of my life cuz I finally found out who God really was. I felt the greatest weight lift off my shoulders..I didn't even have that feeling when I made shahadah.

Wa Salaamu Alaikum


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HIGH SCHOOL after I got my driver's license and a later curfew....woo hoo!!!! Freedom!!!!!!! What I wouldn't give to be 17 again........


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Teenage years can be trying, but i had some of my best moments in these years. So much freedom, not slaving to pay bills....just lots of laughter!


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It was when ummmm after some people tried to ruin my life and I thought it was then end of it, Alhamdulillaah Allaah swt made me stronger because of those and it brought me back on my feet again. Now I laugh at it all, realized how silly I was to let those people affect me.



The best time in my life is now. I have been blessed with two sons, I have a roof over my head and I have food on my table. All I can say is Alhumdullila.
And the icing on the cake is having brothers and sisters on this website.


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when i was 14, went camping first moring woke b4 everyone, went out seen the lake coverd with mist , the fresh air , i just ran in the forest, when i returned everyone still asleep, was magic,

Allah Akbar

Bilal Ahmed

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asalaam alaykum,

at the moment the best thing that happned 2 me is that a made a best friend, not only that but we become brothers. truly it is a blessing from Allah swt the we meet. the friendship we got is unbeliveable, we can trust each other with our live, insha-allah our friendship/brotherhood will alway be with the blessing of Allah.


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Assalamu alaikoum,
The one I can remember was when my little brother was born, I was so excited I ran around the house, and couldnt stop talking about it!!! And then when I took Shahada finally. It was a nice feeling after that, although at that point I didnt know the difference it would make on my life.


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Alhamdulilaah my most amazing memory was in dec, 04, when I met my mom after 11 years of seperation. That was the best feeling, exciting, and the most memorable things ever. when I remember now I cry with joy, alhamdulilaah I thank allah fr allowing me to see my mom again life and health alhamdulilaah........And I hope there are so many good memories to come insha allah.



I would have to say the birth of every one of my three children who are a joy to my life and have made me a better person, Alhamdullilah!! They are my little blessings from Allah. :hijabi:


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salamu alaykum

happiest moment of my life is that Allah s.va opened my heart towards his religion. When Allah s.va removed some off the covers on my eyes and heart and ears so that i could turn towards Him. Then, when Allah s.va guided me to the proper understanding of his deen. By following quran and sunnah according to the understanding of the sahaba. For not letting me fall into alot of the misguided sects. Allahmdulullah rabisemmawat wa rabbil ardi rabbil aalemeen.

wassalamu alaykum

Muharram al bosni


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Alhamdulillah, i would say now. A job with a nice pay, great kids, great wife, near to both our parents, safe neighbourhood. AllahuAkbar.


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Making this website hahah, NO! Well, maybe :)

living in Makkah and Madinah for about a year - doing Umrah in Last 10 days of Ramadhan with all my family, my aunt and cousin...... it was amazing time.

Praying in Masjid al Aqsa in al Quds, last Ramadhan. Was happy to have got there, because of all the Israeli Soldiers and the trouble they gave to me and my mom.. I am glad I was able to make it to masjid al Aqsa. Had to go down a lot of weird roads around the big Barrier, as the Israeli Jews had made it very difficult for people to get into Masjid al Aqsa on Friday....

Im not sure whats the best, I have quite a few good memories alhamdulillah.



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inshAllah the best moment of my life will be when i get married and when i stand infront of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in madina and cry my eyes out sending him salam n peace! and inshAllah when i see the kaba for the first time in my life... when my eyes are set on that AMAZIN sight! and when i do sujood in the masjid ul haram... right infront the place where billions of muslims face everyday mashAllah!

inshAllah one day!!


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asalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!

well alot of gr8 times have come in my life.ALAHAMDULILLAH.
but the best time of my life will be when i have my own kids in future inshallah.bcoz i love kids.:hearts: