What's wrong with celebrating valentines day?!!


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My sons daycare is having a valentines day party tomorrow. Since he is 2 and has no idea what it means other then he will be getting a lot of sweets tomorrow I will tolerate it. I did not buy any valentines for him to give however. Days like this are so annoying and hard when you have a kid who is in day care.


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Valentine or not,life goes on,in sh Allah.if a mother doesn't show certain things to her children,they will never know them.sons of muslims must spread their parents' religion...what would the Ummah be one day,when the raised children will behave like pagans and "normal"people?
maybe somebody fears the judgement of others,so they fear to be asked "did your child celebrate S.valentine's day/his birthday/chrismas day/easter?the New World has been changing what the real Ummah was...:shymuslima1:why we muslims treat about a pagan matter?if we really follow the rules,we don't even need to discuss about we know it's wrong:hawla:


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Not gonna read the pdf, so maybe this is said in it, but Valentine's Day equates human relationships and emotions with material things, and even elevates those material things above our relationships. Plus, three of the staple gifts for Valentine's Day (chocolate, flowers, diamonds) usually come from slave labor (often child slavery) and war. That's a pretty good reason not to celebrate it.


Assalaam walaikum,

Well...the thing about Islam is simple. We do not have the pain of waiting for Love. We know it Promised to Us..so we get to enjoy the joy of belief 24/7