Where do you live?


:SMILY259: I live in USA but I am not telling which state, try to figure, no one on web is from. It is so amaze to know that we are communicating and give advice to each other from all over the world. we are all luck to be Muslim and I hope non muslim realize the beauty of Islam Most of this country I have never heard before. I did not even know that some of these countries have had internet. May Allah protect and guide us everywhere. May Allah bless as all. It is my honor to know all of you.



Probably Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota or South Dakota... Some weird states where people like living, j/k.

Let me know if I guessed correctly.

I'm from Orange County, California, as it says under my name :D


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I’m from Ozz land mate, the shrimps on the barbie, we hunt for our food, we all have a thick accents like Steve Irwin and we ride kangaroos for leisure
haha just a stereotype of Australia :SMILY129:!

SubhanAllah so many Muslims from around the world...InshaAllah one day I have the opportunity to travel the world :)


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I live in a small city in Georgia in the U.S. I am from the south and proud to be a southern Muslimah convert!!! This is a really cool thread MashAllah there are so many muslims from all over!!




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as salam alikum brother & sister,
I read lot of reply, everyone like & dislike i seen.
but the best place is where you practice 100% quran & sunnah and book your permanent place in jannah ( darul aman).
it's one and only best place to live..........
zazakallah khair
remember me in dua......:salah:


الفقير الى الله
assalamu'alaikum i live in bandung, Indonesia also known as paris van java, i really like this place, i just hate the tourists lol


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Singapore, Singapore.

Yes thats right. No, not there, no no just plain Singapore.

It's so small I don't even need to describe where. :D Heeeee