Who can be our friend


Think for yourself
Know that not all the people are suitable to be your friends. You have to verify/control that this potential friend has the right characteristics that makes friendship with him something wanted. The one that you are searching to be your friend must have five characteristics:

1) He has to be intelligent, because there is nothing good in the friendship with an idiot because he will only damage you when he has to profit. With intelligent, we intend someone that understand things as they are, by himself or when someone explains to him.

2) He must have good manners and this is a duty. Someone that is only intelligent may be overwhelmed by his anger or by the desire and he can obey to his desire. So, there would be no benefit in having this one as a friend.

3) He must not be a fasiq (someone who makes disorder, a bad person) because someone who do so, would not fear Allah and whoever does not fear Allah, is not reliable.

4) He must not be an innovator (mubtad'a), because we must fear his innovations so we can not be friends with him.

5) He must not be covetous/hungry of this worldly life.

[Shaykh Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi - 'Mukhtasar Minhaj al-Qasidin', pagg. 126-132]