who is excited about ramadan?


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i think all you know by now im not muslim lol. but im still fasting. this week might be a last whole week of eating whenever. who is excited about ramadan next week ? its starts next week right lol ?


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I'm really excited! and your choice what you do, i just hope you find what you're looking for. peace. :)


Pls mak Duwa 4 me

Yeah eagerly waiting for ramadan cant wait by thinking of the reward we will be getting from Allah and insha Allah the positive changes it will bring in our lifes, hope may Allah make your life also from among the followers of truth. Ameen.

May Allah protect all of us from Hell fire. Ameen.


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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I'm planning on changing many of my bad habits in ramadan Inshallah.. may Allah help me and you also on doing that.. This is the best chance for it, so take it before its too late.

May Allah guide us all for what is best fore us in this life and the hereafter.


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I am very excited as it is my first since I took Shahada, mashallah. I hope, inshallah, I will have the strength to make it through it all. Inshallah


Abdul Hasib

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I'm feeling pretty worried and frightened, because I want to make sure my Ramadan is full of happiness for me (meaning eating Roti in the morning and for Iftar, LoL I like it, it tastes good and you don't have to eat a lot of it, making you not get fat, LoL) and I didn't do good last yaer during Ramadan, and so I'm going to try to make that up this year
to the irish muslim
SALAM ALAYK brother i reallly hope that you'll succed your ramadhan i'll be praying for you inshallah, be strong, and pray a lot by night in ramadhan

rabi youkawik inshallah
your brother from ALGERIA
sorry for the bad english


Yeah I'm pretty excited, its my first Ramadhan so I hope it goes well insha'Allah.
Perfect oppurtunity to get rid of some bad habits that are left over, so may Allah make it easy for us all! :D

Salaam :)


Umm Zubayr
Assalam aleikum,

I think everyone is pretty much exited about it. I am looking foward to it.
May Allah make us of those who realise the value of this blessed month and those who take heed!


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R u prepared for ramadan?

ramadan round da corna...
so wah av u dne 4 da akhira?
Or is it more 4 da dunya?​


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Yeah it should be a good little struggle.
dts gud 2 hear dah u av sum resolutions! Mashallah. Kep it up. U knw dah ur eyes, ears n ur hand are fitna. Buh da bigst fitna is ur mouth. U dnt realise wah u say whist u knw wah u du wen u c, hear n touch. So its beta if spnd ur tym duin ebadah.
May Allah make it easy 4 u n make dis ramadan benificial inshallah
i think all you know by now im not muslim lol. but im still fasting. this week might be a last whole week of eating whenever. who is excited about ramadan next week ? its starts next week right lol ?


Ramadan is a time of forgivness, charity, abstaining from worldly pleasures, spiritual cleansing of the heart, spending time with your family, reading the Quran, going to the masjid, and many other blessings.

Many people (especially non-Muslims) think it's only about abstaining from food - wrong. I am not assuming anything about you. Just general facts.

The gates of the heavens are open and Allah is open to mercy, guidance, forgiveness, and countless other blessings. Even after Ramadan you should try to maintain your character. Muslims worldwide are constantly trying to better themselves.

http://www.isna.net/ is a reliable site when Ramadan starts here in the U.S. They will post it on their home page. It's tentatively scheduled for September 1st.

I wish you the best BlackIvy. Inshallah (God willing) I will call you a sister in Islam one day :)


فَتَبَارَكَ اللَّهُ أَحْسَنُ الْخَالِقِينَ


I am excited, Alhamdulillah, I cant wait. Insha Allah we will live to fast many Ramadhaan's and make use of every valuable second that has multiple rewards. On a personal basis, I am very happy as fasting, out of the many forms of worship gives me that spiritual and mental uplift that I need once in a while, as Imaan doesnt always stay in the sky. Mine tends to drop occasionally, and lol I like to keep it in the sky, but it keeps falling down! Thus the thought of Ramadhaan, the Suhur, the Taraweeh, the family get together, the tears, the heartfelt happiness just brings a smile to my face right now.

However, there is a slight problem, I am quite confused with the dates here in Australia, I am sure its Monday, but have to confirm, Insha Allah

I pray for everything of the best for you all. I pray that whatever dream, wish or dua you have in mind, May you live to see it fulfilled with satisfaction Insha Allah. I pray for all of your happiness, success, health, respect and protection in this world and the next Insha Allah. Aameen.

And Dear BlackIvvy, the doors are always open, you just have to turn the knob and walk inside. :)