Why don't the other Arab countries help


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Salaam Alaikum

I am doing a presentation tomorrow on Palestinian and Israeli conflict and i am afraid that I might get asked why don't the other Arab or Muslim countries help Palestine?

I am not really sure what to say because I don't why they don't help now.

I read once that after lost of 1948 war most arab countries were embarrassed by their lost to Israel. Is that true.

some help please.


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maybe because they dnt follow the teachings of Islam and there is also disunity. also, some of the arb countries (saudi) care what america think. and when i say country i mean the gov, not the people in general.


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Simply briefly say, the arab countries are unelected client regiemes for the U.S. government, thus they will never get seriously involved as this would mean they would have to criticise USA, and they would never do this as USA is helping these regimes to remain in power.
To accept compulsory population transfer in principle would set a dangerous precedent for international relations, and many nations would use such an excuse to cleanse themselves from "unwanted minorities". In other words, if it is accepted in principle that one can transfer and dispossess the Palestinian people so that Jews can have a "Jewish state," then

Why would it be unacceptable to "transfer" 10 million Mexican Americans to Mexico? or
To "transfer" a million Kosovan Albanians to Albania?, or
Even to "transfer" 6 million American Jews to the "Jewish state"?

Ironically, Serbia, under Milosevic's leadership in 1999, used a similar argument to cleanse itself from its "unwanted Albanian minority", (of course under the pretext that Kosovo was central to Serbia's ancient heritage and religious past).

Consequently, the act of compulsory population transfer (Ethnic Cleansing) has been accepted internationally as a war crime, and on that basis both Serbia and Iraq were subjected to international condemnations, and U.N. resolutions were enforced by military action to stop and reverse these war crimes.

For the moment, let's assume that the above argument are nonsense to the average Israeli or Zionist. Let us analyze why the integration of Palestinian refugees into neighboring host countries is not viable for the following economic and political reasons:

Economic reasons

It should be emphasized that 75% of the new Jewish immigrants to Israel, after the 1948 war, operated looted Palestinians houses, farms, cars, truck, banks, and the infrastructure resource such as water networks, the power grids, railroads, airports, wells, the telegraph network, and the schools, roads, and ports.

In other words, Israel has had the looted Palestinian capital as collateral, German compensation money for war crimes committed during WW II, and over 120 billion dollars in American taxpayers' money to help settle the new Jewish immigrants. On the other hand, Palestinian refugees and their corresponding host countries had no such good fortune. If Palestinians are to be helped to settle someone else's country, they have to take somebody else's property, which is unfair and unjust to others. From an economical standpoint, the biggest economic boost the "Jewish State" had was the looted and stolen Palestinian properties.

For a second, let's assume that such repatriation is possible in the host countries, and calculate the cost of such repatriation. For example, let's assume that we need to provide a reasonable health care insurance (not government subsidized) for each Palestinian refugee in Jordan (which hosts close to 3 million Palestinian refugees), and let us also assume that such insurance costs a $100/month per refugee. So the total yearly cost of providing health care insurance to all refugees in Jordan is at least 3.6 billion dollars = $100 * 12 months * 3 million refugees. Note that we have not yet analyzed the costs of providing infrastructure services, i.e. roads, water networks, power grids, education, transportations, ports, airports, ...etc. While contemplating these staggering numbers, keep in mind that the annual budget for the Jordanian government is little over 6 billion dollars, compared to 53 billion dollar for Israel.

While the average Jordanian citizen has some kind of collateral (such as land, real state, ... etc. ) to support his or her future well being, the average Palestinian refugee has nothing but his or her tent as collateral, and even the tent belongs to the United Nations. Consequently, the net worth (in economic terms) of the average Palestinian is almost nil, which negatively impacts tax revenues in the host countries. In fact, the huge number of refugees stifled economic growth in these host countries for several decades-since many essential services had to be diverted to help the refugees.

Ironically, the absence of the Palestinian economic base has motivated the average Palestinian to invest in his or her intellectual capital. It's really amazing how many Palestinians live the lives of many Jews in the past. In general, Europeans used to restrict land purchases by their Jewish citizens, which in return motivated many Jews to invest in their intellectual capital.

For the moment assume that the above economic formula is nonsense to the average Israeli or Zionist, then let's ask the following questions:

If it's easy for the host Arab countries to integrate Palestinian refugees into their economic and social structure, then why after three decades of Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, has Israel been unable to improve the lives of the Palestinian refugees under its direct control?

If it's easy for the host countries to integrate the refugees (despite their limited resources), then surely it should be much easier for Israel to do so?

Paradoxically, many Palestinian refugees' economic situation has actually worsened under Israeli occupation, and if it were not for United Nations' food rations, many refugees would have starved by now! In fact, malnutrition among Palestinian Children in the occupied West Bank and the occupied Gaza Strip has increased by 1600% since September of 2000.

It's unfair to claim that many Arab countries did not integrate Palestinian refugees into their economic, social, and even political structures. Out of the 5.9 million Palestinian refugees, there are 3.5 million refugees who still live in refugee camps (usually known as "registered refugees"). So despite all of the above obstacles, some 2 million Palestinian refugees (almost half the number of the Israeli Jews) are already integrated into the host countries' economic, political, and social structures


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Salaam Alaikum

I am doing a presentation tomorrow on Palestinian and Israeli conflict and i am afraid that I might get asked why don't the other Arab or Muslim countries help Palestine?

I am not really sure what to say because I don't why they don't help now.

I read once that after lost of 1948 war most arab countries were embarrassed by their lost to Israel. Is that true.

some help please.

1.Ask yourself why would the Arab countries Help in the First Place? 2.Also Ask yourself why aren't the Palestinians living in America and Europe Helping Palestinians?

1. Those Arab countries which you are talking about differ from One country to Another. There is no Such thing called "Arab" Mentality. The Belief(Aqeedah) of Saudi Arabia Differs Much from the Aqeedah(Belief) of lets say the people of Iraq and Syria. The Belief of Iraqis Differ from that of Saudi Arabia or from Qatar or Oman or UAE or Yemen or Egypt or Lebanon. So when you generalize and put them in the same basket you loose sight of the Problem.

2. Also when did this Become a Burden on Arab countries? There are Millions of Palestinians in America and Europe, How come they arn't able to help Palestinians Back home? Also 20% of Israelies are Palestinians why can't they help Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank by just destroying the Israeli Economy and Leaving Israel? The Illegal Settlements built in west bank are built by Palestinian construction workers believe it or not to house Jewish settlers. So why don't they Just stop helping the Israelies? The Question Lies because They don't have the correct Understanding of Islam in their hearts which was followed by the Early Generation of the Muslims.

Those Millions of Palestinians in Europe and America out of how many you think practise Islam? I know personally when before I started to practise Islam I used to go to clubs here in NYC and I saw myself many palestinian girls in clubs dancing in mini skirts and tight dresses and palestinian guys smoking and flirting. How many of them you think care about Palestine?

We are Muslims we dont base our actions on emotions we base it on intellect and sound judgment according to the Quran and Sunnah not from what we see on Television or hear from Radio.

If those Arab countries come and establish a Palestinian state, how many of the Palestinians you think would want an "Islamic" govt? I would bet you that more then half of them will Object to it.

And Like I said Before All "Arab" and Muslim countries even in their Aqeedah(belief) differ from One to another. So if they want to Help establish a Palestinian State which Aqeedah(belief) should the Palestinians Follow?

At the End We Muslims can Never fight for Land but for Tawheed and by Upholding the Quran and the Sunnah in Accordance to the Salafi Manhaaj that is the only way we will become Sucessfull.

Prophet Muhammad:saw: Was Born in Mekkah and lived in Mekkah and Loved Mekkah, When he recieved revelation afterwards for 13 Years he preached Tawheed to the People in Mekkah Until, Allah ordered him to Leave his Land and Move to Medina so He can establish the Islamic Community free from the Fitaan of Mekkah. Before he left Mekkah he shed tears and Said 'O Makkah, you are the most beloved place to me on the Earth and if the people were not to drive me out I was not to leave you! "

He Left His HomeLand which He Loved and Forsaked it for Islam How Many of Us can say that from the countries which we come from Including Palestine? He came Back from the Blessing of Allah with 10,000 Men and with a more powerful Army Because He Loved Islam more then he Loved his Land, So Allah Gave him victory from the Disbelievers. Wa Lillah il Humd.

So why They the "Arabs" And Palestinians who Live Around the world don't help Palestine is because Islam which was pracised by the Prophet and Sahabah has been replaced with Qawmiyya - Nationalism, and Socialism, and Marxism, and Democrasy, and Elections, etc. when True Sucess can only be Achieved by La illah ilal Lah(None has the Right to Be worshipped Except Allah). That is the only Sucess which can be achieved by All people let alone Palestinians.


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maybe because they dnt follow the teachings of Islam and there is also disunity. also, some of the arb countries (saudi) care what america think. and when i say country i mean the gov, not the people in general.

And How are we supposed to be unified if were a bunch of different separate countries? The borders that cut up the muslim map cut our ummah like knives.
May Allaah(subhaanahu wa ta'ala) guide us from His mercy

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If the enemy captures a single Muslim, it becomes wajib (obligatory) on every one who has the ability, to rush to their rescue (even without seeking anyone’s permission). It is apparent that it is compulsory on everyone, similar to the situation where the enemy invades our land. Moreover, saving our brothers is of a higher priority, as the sanctity of a Muslim is greater (than the sanctity of a State). - Ibn Hajar Al-Haithami Rahimahullah

The above is applicable to all muslims (Arab muslims and non-Arab muslims).

Nevertheless, the Arabs are in a position to take a lead in confronting the enemies. Large in numbers yet they are chicken against zionist. They also close the border for others to come in and fight. If Arabs can't help same goes to other muslims. How are we suppose to go to Palestine if Jordan, Egypt, Lubnan refused the open their borders?

Nevertheless, every muslim must find way to fight our enemies not just blaming the Arabs alone. We are collectively responsible for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Afganistan and elsewhere.


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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

To most arab leaders, Islam comes last.. They fear other countries like US and GB, becuz of economic relationships. And they fear acting toward Israel cuz its mainly supported by those to major countries.

Besides, arab countries are very weak when it come to military issues.
A country like egypt, with an army of a few millions could do.. but they need support from the rest of the muslim countries. you've seen what the egyption leader did to Gaza people, Nothing. And there's only one explanation for it, Fear.
Muslims armies cannot act without an order from the leaders. Once our leaders give the word, You'll see how all the world will fear us.

warda A


as stated above, it is fear that is making them weak.
They will never unite unless they understand to fear Allah Ta'ala's punishment first.


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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah!

I read your replies, and all I can say now is that we need A Caliphate! ONe the can unite all muslims and lead us. I think it's time one like Abu Bakr or Omar showed up. And yeah we need to be better muslims by doing dawah.


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brother, i noticed one thing, when america attacked any muslim country the rest of the arab muslim countries helped america, not the suffering muslim country. as per example gulf war .......... i remember one thing, when the george bush senior was preparing to attack on iraq for the first time, american armies were in gulf areas, Egyptian government helped american soldiers. how? they sent thousands of prostitute to serve american soldiers. when i read the news in newspaper, i was so embarrsed outraged and angry, as a muslim i just wanted to kill myself.


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what kind of help you are talking about?

If it is financial help I think that gulf countries could build and offer everything Palestinians may need, but Isreal is always there not letting money going there as they think it s a support of terror.

If you mean help during wars I think there millions who are ready to fight along with them but our countries wont allow this either Isreal and America.


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This issue..I can talk about for HOURS on end..but I'll keep it short (as much as possible) for your time's sake :)

The Arab leaders (to me) are a group of employees for a company called the *The Administration of The United States of America*..that company is their *source of living* (from all aspects and at all levels!)..

If they revolt against it (if they DARE to!)..they'll be tossed into the gutters of life and history before they even realize it..

So dear sister..of course they will stay *hushed-up*..they will keep borders closed in the faces of their brethren in time of crisis..dance with war criminals..welcome them on red-carpets..and with complete impudence PRAISE THEM over INTERNATIONAL media sources..and even extend their hands out to prevent any tossed shoes from hitting them!

These so-called "men"..are working to please THE BOSS..because simply put..they are a bunch of money & power harlots!..need to say more?



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Please brothers and sisters. think what you can do for your ummah. If you can oust the fake kings of Saudi and Jordan please do that, I will welcome that. In fact jordan's queen has a YT account and i asked a question months ago, I got NO ANSWER!!

i asked her why her husband didnt do a thing when GAZA was slaughtered while u ate your chocolate when watching the slaughter.

Shaykh Abdullah Azzam, said:
"When will they accept you? Either you abandon your faith or they abandon their sin, and this won't happen. If they abandon their sin, this means they become Muslims, and the conflict cools down. And if you abandon your Islam, you have committed shirk. So, the conflict continues: {"...Do you criticize us for no other reason than that we believe in Allah and in what has been sent down to us and to those before us, and that most of you are rebellious sinners?"} [al-Ma'idah; 59] So, their sin and our faith is the reason.

So, if you see America or Russia or Britain or the criminals and tyrants in the Islamic world - if you see them pleased with someone, you should doubt this person's Islam and his faith. Understood? This is because Allah has set down a rule that does not change, and this rule says: {"And the Jews and Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their way..."} [al-Baqarah; 120]

If someone here is trying to refute our dear Shaykh Azzam Rahimahullah, then come up with evidences.


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And How are we supposed to be unified if were a bunch of different separate countries? The borders that cut up the muslim map cut our ummah like knives.
May Allaah(subhaanahu wa ta'ala) guide us from His mercy

:salam2: when i meant unify i meant that they should be unified because they are brothers in faith.


Because they are american puppets. That is why they arent helping Palestine. I think we all have said this same thing in our posts.

To make a long story short, the U.S. empire has too much military, political resources, and allies. They are united. We are not. It's that simple.

Wars bring in profits for the U.S. "capitalist" society. Their economic system would collapse if they did not impose wars, that's how a fiat (paper) currency works.

If a Muslim calls for jihad fisibilillah (for the sake of Allah) the first person to get in their way is their own governments.


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Everything thats been stated can be summarised in my earlier post's.. the arab states are 'client' government's for the United States, in return, these puppert states are given political security. Those who object end up on sanctions and a by proxy political war is waged against them such as in Iran.