Why I Love Islam Campaign (YOUTUBE)


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As there are no other topics on this, I thought I would start one. Over at youtube Muslim brothers and sisters are making videos on why they love Islam. Basically it is for Dawah purposes. So Non Muslims can gain some understanding on Islam and Muslims. SubhanAllah there are soooo many videos! The brother who has started this is named azadipaki, May Allah reward him, and his original video has over 4,000 views and over 20 responses! SubhanAllah wa Allahu Akbar! I will post his and some other brothers and sister's videos, insha'Allah you will all view! You can also post some of your favorites, as there are many videos to choose from. :p

Brother azadipaki video (first)


Shakhya lol


Iqra Productions






There are many more here: http://www.youtube.com/video_response_view_all?v=mbJlonL6GSA

This is perfect for the site because these videos can be Dawah tools insha'Allah, hope you all like the videos! :hijabi:



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Assalamu Alaikum,
I watched some of those videos and they are just wonderful. I hope to see more of those in the near future.


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its a an amazing idea and I am happy to know that bros and sists are using internet for positive purpose and dawah.may Allah bless u all.ameen


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thank you for sharing these great clips with us all. May you all be blessed for your kindness.


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If it hadn't been for the posting's on you tube I may never have come across this site,

jazakallah to the brother.


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Asalaam all,

There is also another campaign at youtube, but I will make a thread for that later. :p

Thank you for watching, please feel free to post YOUR favorite "Why I love Islam" video responses. :)



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Hold on, I will post the thread, maybe today, maybe tomorrow. First I have finish up my own video for it lol. :)

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Wonderful dawah

These videos are marvelous! I have always thought that we (the ummah) do not do enough to bring the knowledge of Islam to others. We are so wrapped up in our own insular world, seeing kaffirs as the "other".

Yes, the are seperate...now. But I , like many of the brothers and sisters here, was not always a muslim. Without the intervention of Allah (swt) and some beautiful brothers I would still be an unbeliever.

We should all spend some time in thought about how we can help our fellow humans to realize the truth of Islam. May Allah Ta'alla bless the muslims who started , and those who participate, in this youtube campaign.