WHY Must some muslims be like this?

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salam alaikum

what proof do u need when i am the eye witness,

do u live in pakistan?

i do, i see, i meet people, i have been there, helping displaced people from the war.

u don't know how much disgrace Muslims have earned because of some ignorants who call themselves taliban.

i must not use bad language for taliban but for me they are blood suckers who kill innocent people for nothing, they destroyed hundreds of schools , they behead the persons, i think brother u must think beyond blaming everything on western media. we Muslims ourselves have disgraced Islam. we have opted those things of Islam which we see are in our good and leave all others.

taliabns are none other than the ignorants and extremists, who never read quran nor hadith and believe one maulana from a particular sect.

As-Salamu Alaykum brother,

Firstly, you are right when you say I have never been to Pakistan before, so I can't say Pakistan is 'so-and-so', this is why I said I spoke to a Pakistani brother.

Secondly, Before I had a conversation with this brother, I saw evidence online which showed bodies of the 'Taliban in swat valley' and they were uncircumcised in which the person claimed that the fighters were Indian etc.. Upon reading this I dismissed it because lack of evidence.

However recently, their has been an increase in civilian bombings, the Taliban has refused involvement of the operations and the Media are pointing their fingers to them.

The Mujahideen in Afghanistan has released a video recently, in which the spokesmen of the mujahideen gave a statement which was headlined "Mujahideen do not target Muslims" I won't post the video in this reply because of the sensitivity of it...and the reply may get taken down by the moderators; but if you send me a message asking for it...i'll give you the youtube link.

The incident you told me about what happened in Gojra, was a riot in which a massive group of citizens (not militia) go around in a disorganized fashion and randomly attacks what ever they want; note: it was likely that they were acting out of emotion.

Jazakhallah Khair



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As-salaamu `alaykum

This thread has evolved and to be honest, it's not productive. There are a million problems to solve, which will only be solved with sincerity to Allaah, following His book and the sunnah...
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