Why your name?


Fear Only ALLAH

It's my name and it better to be known by our name

So i choose my Name thats is

"Mohammed Ikramuddin"


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My name..


Hmmm..why my name..I am just a weak servant of Allah ( Insya Allah), often fail when tested by Him..diverted from the true meaning of life..I understand it is impossible to achieve 'purefaith', but I will try my best, Insya Allah..because loving Allah is a real blessing..really..:hearts:

Fatima S.Ar

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Assalamu Alaikom

KSA = The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , I love it since it's my country
so that I'm a KSA_Lover ^
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Well its my real name. A'isyah. عائشة. And it is spell with a "y", not a "h". I guess because here at my place, its commonly spell with "y" instead of "h" such as "MasyaAllah", "InsyaAllah". But still the meaning is the the same and so is the arabic spelling.

As for the "humaira/humairah", حميرة its the "nickname" Prophet Muhammad :saw2: used to call Ummu Al-Mukmineen Ai'shah radiyallahu anha which means "the reddish" because what I remembered from my reading, Ai'shah has a fair complexion and her cheeks sometimes becomes red.

However, according to the correct arabic grammar, I should have add an 'al-" in front of Humaira.

و عليكم السلام
honey I wanna point out it's Humayra not Humayrah , and the spelling in Arabic is : حميراء


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My name is shamim56 because my name is Shamim and..

i just like the number 56, i end every account on any website with that number :p

Fatima S.Ar

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Thank you dearest ukhti. :) Well I guess my spelling is always kind of "wrong". ;)

عفواً حبيبتي
Not always , your level is very good ma sha'a Allah ^

BTW , it's المجاهدة not المجاهده
i used to fight with ppl write it with Ha , but don't worry I won't fight with you :D


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:salam2: Dear brothers and sisters,

Why did you choose your username? Come on, share :SMILY259:

I chose mine because when I was choosing, it was all the war whether in the media or not, and there is still the war, and how Muslims were/are being labeled terrorists. It's we're not terrorists, but freedom fighters :)

Share yours :shymuslima1:
Kubra is my real name and 2002 is the year I left my Homeland Ethiopia but I am not Ethiopian I am Oromo


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:salam2: As'alummu Alikum

I chose FreeMind because i feel that's what i have and that's what the
whole world should really have. A Free Mind :SMILY34:

And because it sounds good. ;)

sister herb

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I am sister Harb because;

sister = I am female
Harb = I was before married with man from Palestinian family called Harb

I know, many people don´t like word "harb" in cause of its meaning, but it is still also name of (quite large) family...



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salama alikoum

well as my real name was used I chose "azizati" cause brother call me like that
salam alikoum


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Assalamu Alaikum all of here,

intresting threat...

Actually my original name is Asfar coming from Sri Lanka. if anybody can tell me what would be the connection between my use rame and my original name?