will i be held accountable

Aisha hussain..

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hope every one is in best health and emaan inshallah

i was wondering will i be accountable for my younger sisters
as iam eldest amoung my siblings and my mom just had an operation so she is not keeping well and my dad is busy with his buisness so i took the responsibility though no one gave it to me :D but being the eldest in the house i had to take so will i be accountable what they do i mean my sisters if they do not pray or i do not check on them are they praying on time or reciting the Quran on time ??



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As salam alykom wrwb

Hello there :)

It is very good to know, you have a wish and power to take care of your siblings even no one didn't ask you for that. It might be a hard work sometimes, as I am the eldest child in the family.

Well is there already any difficulties with those questions you are asking about? As I know with children need to talk in language they do understand. No language with 'smarty' words. Simple language with powerful meaning.

If they do not read the Qur'an you might tell them the story of the Boy and Grandfather. Do you know it? (I might post here if you like). Or if they do not perform prayers tell them why we should do that. Allah don't need our prayers, the ones who need them- is us. Of course ALLAH loves when we pray, but I think (correct me if I am wrong) if we do not pray... same happens with ALLAH blessings on us.

Well I iwsh you to not face too many difficulties. In case there is something I will try my best to help.

May ALLAH bless you and your family, and heal the ones who doesn't feel good. Amen.

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:salam2:warhamatullahi wa barakatuhu:)

well it IS your responsibilty to point them out and FORCE them out of bad....like only stop bad by force.can't force them to do good :D right!!other then that i'm not sure about you being accountable for their sins:)if you did your best in telling them about right stuff then your job is done;)


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wa aleykum salaam;

yours is to try as smooth as possible ways as to make them do their prayers on their own Will, (Never hesitate and or loose hope')and never curse them keep on slow and steady with DUa, and take care ...[be Friendly]
..Not to become another Firaun while you have kicked him aside..