Women who wear burkas and niqabs on the street in France face fines of £700


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I think it is best if they just emigrate back to their countries of origin. In that way, they will be able to practice their deen, instead of staying in kuffar countries and moaning about their laws.

But what about for those who are unable to return for many reasons: war, security, etc.

I do not agree with this proposed law. What happened to right to choice? I am not familiar with French law but that's a universal human right. I would be highly offended if someone spoke in my behalf, like i'm some worthless piece of sub-human. Surely the French government should allow women the right to dress how they feel without having to feel like they're being suppressed.

I will keep them in my prayers.


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salam sisters ,

I have been folowing this on BBC world news and i saw a debate about it , it said their are only 2000 niqabis in france.

as i said in a previous post ,i am originaly from europ and a convert , so are most of these women , so they dont have the option of "going back to their own countries"

I personaly think this law has nothing to do with values or dignity ; president sarkozy says : le burqua représante la soumission et l'opression de la femme "
which meens the burqa represents submission( to men) and opression of women.
But this is the same thing he has done since he has been on the political scene dress these issues up as womans rights issues etc when he is just pushing his far right wing political agenda.

So u say migrate to a muslim country , make hijra , yes more easely said than done, this meens leaving your whole family behind , starting a new life in a country that is more than likely to treat u the same way the french do just for being an "expat"
You make hijra and then have a whole new set of problems , you no longer good health care , private insurrance is expensive and not to mention harram ( so i have read in a fatwa ) you are once again a second class citizon, marginalized for you nationality , and whoever said burqa wearing women had more opportunities in muslim countries ????! tell me where !
I have been on the job hun here in kuwait for over a year and turned down at every door i knock on , why ??? becoz i am not a national so i cant work for the gouv like kuwaiti burqa women do , and guess what in the private sector they as u to take it off! and thats all if u can stay in the country for long enough: visa issues ! i travel in and out every 3 months.
I wont go on ... but my point is just going home or make hijra isnt something you can just get up and do.


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They don't undeestand that the Hijab LIBERATES women and gives them the order to earn respect and are given dignity from being stereotypical half-covered women on the streets! :angryred:


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The west has always been biased toward Islam,they have their own agenda and intrests. they have their own goals and means to achieve it.A muslim has to face troubles of this and that kind whereever he lives,becouse of the declareation of the "Eeman". To be a momen in real sense if the rebillion of another kind to every kind of unismlic thoughts, customs and rituals.We are duty bound to keep ourselves on the right path in any case.So keep doing so and hopefully almighy Allah will favour us in this world and the world hereafter as well