World Cup Cricket

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:salam2: Brothers and Sisters,

i though it would be iinteresting in finding out if you're watching any of the Cricket matches.

which team do you support?

and who do you think will win?


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walaikum as salam wa rahmatullahi wabrakatuhu
well frankly speaking I dont support any teams. Although I liked the game earlier, its just really a waste of a whole lot of time. I like when 6's and 4's are hit. liked the one Herschelle Gibbs hit, 6 sixes in an over.
Amazing really.
I like watching these players when they hit sixes and fours S.Tendulkar (india), M.Dhoni (india) , Imran Nazir (pakistan), L. Klusener (South Africa, he is not playing), Tamim Iqbal (Bangladesh) and a whole lot more.
Among the bowlers Imran Khan (pakistan), S. Bond (New Zealand), I.Pathan (india)
I am not watching them, just at times the highligts.

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The teams I personally think would most probably reach the semifinals maybe South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand and Australia.India and Sri Lanka do have a chance to go into the semifinals.I support South Africa.
I think this time the Aussie jinx would break.


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well lets wait and watch.
I like south africa. the next tie between india and sri lanka is gona be crucial.You cannot say anything in cricket. Its just a matter of the


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Salam alaikum.

I'm supporting two teams ranked in the following order:

1. Bangladesh (beat India .. :D)
2. NZ (has much better chance of winning the World Cup than my team from choice 1).


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well sorry that pakistan is out :biggrin:
I told that sports is not just for a country.Anybody can make it big. Overall it depends on the team effort. Bangladesh played well, I loved the strokes by tamim iqbal.
he is even younger than me huh.... ;)

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i really do not want Australia to win, but i have feeling they might.

can't believe Pakistan are out, it was a very big shock.


a lonely traveller way..They lack many things.Overall low team effort.
Even i dont want australia to win. South Africa is going big really. You can say anything as of now. after the league matches there are 6 matches for each which makes it to super eight.Thats gona be real interesting.
Bangladesh has no chance. Look at today's match.


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I dont realy watch the Cricket unless my dad does but cant belive wats hapnin with Pakistan and wid Freddie Flintoff its one weird world cup this year

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This is my first World Cup Cricket im watching.
i was wondering how often do they have World Cup Cricket is it
every 4 years? like football?

imran nazir played really well today.
inzamam was crying :(

i dont know what happened with Bangladesh.

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yeah he did...i think the investigations still going on.
but some pakistani news channels are reporting that he was strangled,
not sure if its true.

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Naseem Ashraf announced his retirement. His tenure was thought to be for a long time but events took a very sharp turn.Well, Jamaica police said that there are "evidences" which "might" prove that Woolmer died from poison.I hate to talk about it i.e. The gambling mafia is competing to get the Cricket board into it's dirty hands for more power and profit. Most critics are suggesting Musharraf to make Imran Khan the next chairman for a number of reasons.That would be awesome.He is the man everyone puts trust in.He is also the current chairman of Tehrik-e-Insaaf.If he comes forward, Pakistan Cricket board would be refurnished.

And yeah... I loved the way Imran Nazir played.
Inzamam scored a total of 11,349 runs in His ODI career.Inzamam is the second highest scorer of all time.Indeed, he was one of the best player of all time.


no evidence yet

Shields denies it's a murder investigation

Pakistan players being questioned over Woolmer

Cricinfo staff

March 21, 2007

A Pakistan supporter lights candles for Bob Woolmer © AFP

Mark Shields, the deputy commissioner of Jamaica police, said there was still no evidence of Bob Woolmer being murdered and confirmed Pakistan players would be interviewed after the coach's death on Sunday. Ten forensics experts spent the day looking for clues in Woolmer's room on the 12th floor of the Pegasus hotel and footage from security tapes was also being viewed.

"We're waiting for further information from the pathologist before we make any more statements," he told Associated Press. Staff at the hotel have been interviewed and Shields told Jamaica's Nationwide News Network that Pakistani players were also being questioned.

"We're going through a process of speaking to people, including members of the team," he said. Shields did not say whether the meetings would be finished before the squad was due to leave on Saturday.

Those expecting further updates on the case during a Pakistan news conference at the hotel after the game against Zimbabwe were disappointed when each member of the squad had a turn to speak about Woolmer. Adrian Birrell, the Ireland coach, was also present to pay his respects.

Pakistan had no hope of qualifying for the Super Eights after the loss to Ireland and Inzamam-ul-Haq, who was playing his final ODI, dedicated the 93-run victory over Zimbabwe to Woolmer. "He is not in this world anymore but every Pakistani and every cricket lover is sad about what happened to him," Inzamam said after the match. "I am also very sad about him and it is why I'm emotional."

Woolmer died in hospital a day after the shock Ireland defeat. His wife Gill told an Indian television station on Wednesday she did not see any conspiracy in Woolmer's fate.

"He emailed me the following morning [after the Ireland loss]," she told NDTV. "He did mention that he was really depressed and could not believe how this could have happened. The Pakistani team's poor performance affected him, as any other big tournament that he lost as a coach." Mrs Woolmer said her husband was healthy and was not taking medication for type two diabetes, but he had been prescribed some anti-inflammatory tablets.

© Cricinfo

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Pakistan cricket coach murdered

KINGSTON, Jamaica - The genteel sport of cricket was dealt a brutal blow when Jamaican police said Pakistan's national coach was murdered in his hotel room a day after his team suffered a humiliating World Cup loss.

Bob Woolmer, 58, was found unconscious in his blood- and vomit-splattered hotel room in Jamaica on Sunday after his team's defeat to Ireland on St. Patrick's Day sealed Pakistan's ouster from the tournament.

He was later declared dead at a hospital. Police said at the time that initial tests didn't indicate how he died.

But Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas said Thursday in a statement that the pathologist report found Woolmer's death was due to "asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation." Police said they were reviewing security cameras at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel and urging witnesses to come forward.

"It is our belief that those associated with or having access with Mr. Woolmer may have vital information to assist this inquiry," Thomas said in the statement.

There was no evidence of forced entry, police said. No arrests have been made and there were no suspects in the case.

Mark Shields, the deputy police commissioner, said police were investigating if more than one person could have been involved.

"Because Bob was a large man, it would have taken some significant force to subdue him, but of course at this stage we do not know how many people were in the room," he told a news conference Thursday night. "It could be one or more people involved in this murder."



Muslim Guy
Well, the only Muslim country in the super 8 is Bangladesh now. I hope we are all supporting Bangladesh now .. ahem... muahahahaha...

I hope they win at least 2 games in the next round. Salam alaikum.