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Muhammad Omar

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I've lived in America my whole life. I was adopted, then re-united with a family that was less than God-Fearing. Shortly after, I experienced the violent culture of the projects which ultimately lead to me becoming angry, inverted, and more than anything; I started to question my existence.

At the beginning of my Junior year of high school, I began to research Islam. I studied the Qur'an and later discovered that Islam would be the only way for me to build a strong connection with Allah (The most merciful); this was for the fact that the five prayers each day instilled a constant remembrance of Allah. After I took my Sha'hada, I came home one evening to discover a fowl stench. I noticed my mother cooking pork and I became very disgusted by it. My mother couldn't understand why I was upset. She was a very loosely oriented "Christian" who hadn't been to church in many months, but she still insisted on me being Christian. I confessed to her that I converted to Islam and She smacked me across the face and told all of my relatives what I had done. Coming from a "White" Family, they had no room for any cultural tolerance. Interesting enough, my own grandfather was surprised that I was born "white". He thought that I would have been "black" due to my mother hanging out with gang members and drug dealers around the time she was pregnant.

My mother was accusing me of being a worshiper of Shaytun, which I was deeply offended by. My mother dis-owns me to this very day due to my choice of conversion, but thankfully- Allah has blessed me with my adopting parents who love me regardless of my convictions. All praise is due to Allah. If it weren't for his guidance from the very beginning, I don't know where I'd be.


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salam aleikum
Ok I guess I have to start first:shymuslima1:

I converted to Islam 2 and a half years ago ,Hamdulillah
I was born and lived in Russia with muslims side by side ,but never knew what Islam was .

Then after coming to United States I met many Muslims ,but unfortunatelly not practising ,so I couldnt learn much from them ....but I fasted Ramadan with them and picked some arabic also .
I had the translation of Quran that I never had time to read ,one thing I was convienced thou that Islam is a true religion ,I just didnt know from where to start .So I kept on living without thinking much about it...

2 years after going thru many difficulties in my life ,I started to search ,mostly it was interent ,then books ....

Then I had to travel to a different state and stayed to live for a while with my family ,who are orthodox christians.They were pushing on me their believes .But then I realized that I dont believe in Christianity anymore and that Islam makes so much sense to me...
I continued searching and reading ...
After few months it was no doubt that I want to accept Islam with all my heart. And I did ....
It was a new light ,a new beginning ,a relief from all my sorrows ...The light that guiding me until today ,that is happiness in my life ...The Gift that Allah SWT has given me ,to be A MUSLIM :)

I just made it short :p

Ok waiting for your story

waaleikum salam

Indeed Islam is a true religion and it is an enlightment upon those who believe!
I am new to Islam, It started with the beginning of the Ramadan, the 10 of july and I also started praying Salah. It indeed made me truly happy with my life. A new start and a blessing.


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My way to the Real Islam has been a wonderful, bittersweet experience but i wouldnt have it any other way :)

I was born in a really relaxed muslim family where Islam wasnt and isnt the main topic being discussed or practised :(, yes we were told to pray but no one prayed or we pretented, when it came to tawhiid i was really 'weak' God is Allah, Muhammed is a prophet, Islam a religion... you have to fast during Ramadan, have to do this and that.. but i was never told the reasons why...

I managed *alhamdoulilah* to find my way through, learnt how to pray again, how to make wudhu, i realised that i didn't know anything, start from stratch, i'd never really went to a masjiid before...

Family's reaction was a mixed one... my choice of clothing is up to today a big issue :(, i sometimes feel the odd one out.. but i've never been happier.. TTI has been, you can't imagine how much it has helpt me in so many ways... nearly 1 year i'm here.. and May God bless you all guys, you've been a real help for me :), made amazing friends...

That was my lil story sumarised in a few lines... it's been a struggle, alhamdoulilah


My story is the same.
I was always told to pray but I didnt understand why we prayed or fasted or anything. My mom would just say do it!

Alhamdulillah this year I finally woke up and am now learning more and more.

I feel almost like a stranger now, because no one in my family takes the deen seriously (except my dad, whom I think has given up on us).

I hope I can interact with a community of muslim here. There arent that many actual practicing muslims where I live. People pray and fast but they just do it because its become a part of the culture here.


Its always making me feel good after reading your stories, I hope that our brothers & sisters who could translate the same feelings into deeds to help these newborn fellows overpass hardship in this Dunyia. A kind word would be helpful in some cases, in other cases efficiency is required.


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Hi my name is Ashley and I'm curious about Islam and it's principles on marriage. I've been dating an Egyptian doctor for over a year now and we're very close. I want to marry this man but I feel religion is the barrier between us. I'm catholic and he is muslim. What do I need to do to help this man to be serious about getting married?


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Hi my name is Ashley and I'm curious about Islam and it's principles on marriage. I've been dating an Egyptian doctor for over a year now and we're very close. I want to marry this man but I feel religion is the barrier between us. I'm catholic and he is muslim. What do I need to do to help this man to be serious about getting married?

Yes, you can marry him. A Muslim man is allowed to marry a chaste Jewish or Christian woman. But a Muslim woman is prohibited from marrying a Jewish or Christian man, because the man is superior over the woman and can order her to do things against the teachings of her Deen(Religion). As for the other religions, they are not Heavenly revealed religions (Like Islam, Christianity & Judaism), therefore marriage between a Muslim of either gender and someone from other than a Heavenly revealed religion is prohibited.


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My story of coming to Islam is long, mostly miserable, got there in the end. My life pre-Islam reflects very badly on me and some of my relatives.

All I can say is Allah guides who he will, he guided me and saved me from an extremely hellish path. :)


Asslamu alaikum brothers and sisters..

Probably I shouldn't write in this thread because I was born in an Arab Muslim family. However, the devil had fooled me into leaving Islam and be in a state of confusion that led me to be an atheist.

I had difficult questions and agonizing doubts that I couldn't dare to ask the sheiks in my town as they would deem me a Kaffir, and probably even execute me for being a "Murtad", as I was living in a religiously fanatic society.

I started reading a lot, I slipped into a deep depression that affected even my health. no one was able to convince me in my readings and discussions on the internet. Untill I found a Muslim thinker who was famous for his long debates with atheists and non muslims. He writes in the alias "الوراق" , and he grabbed my attentions with his deep understanding of life, the human self and religion. I talked to him and told him all my ideas and he surprised me with his tolerance and willingness to discuss all my doubts, without pressuring me to believe in anything.

After long discussions I found myself already believing many of the Islamic ideas he speaks about. The logicality of the ideas of Islam he talked to me about and the elevated morality he was defending had charmed me. I wasnt able to doubt Islam as I used to. And thanks to Allah I prayed after a long time of leaving prayer, and it was an Isha prayer.

I'm very thankful to Allah for His great blessings for me even though I didn't deserve any of it. God is way more merciful than I imagined. I'm also very indebted to Alwarraq for guiding me to Islam after I thought I would never be a Muslim again.

Al-warraq has a famous Arabic blog, and I asked him to publish some of his writings in English forums, as I believe many people will benefit from them like I did. Me and a friend of mine started translating some of the articles in Alwarraq's Arabic blog, even though we don't speak English very well. Al-warraq is a member of this forum and he published few of his writings.

That's a very brief take on my journey to Islam.



I guess it's my turn now :)

I moved to London 5 years ago, from Italy, where I have been growing up in a Catholic family, (not really practicing though).
Once in London I have been working with muslims straight away but unfortunately none of them was giving me a good example. I mean, I didn't even realize they were muslims. I didn't really care about religion, for me God was there like a "superior thing" over everything.
Then I finally met a muslim who, without speaking and without trying to "brain wash" me, gave me the best example, through the acts and behaves. So, we can say that Allah gave the famous "click" in my brain through this person. Alhamdulillah!
What I was more curious about was the prayer....and the reason of "not eating certain kind of food". So I started with questions but at the same time this muslim helped me to find an italian sister who was already converted and that could help me to understand in my mother tongue. Alhamdulillah!
During that period I went to Italy to visit my family and there I took my decision. I searched in the bible and find out things that I didn't know about until that day and that nobody during those years in Italy ever talked to me about! So I thought: Islam is the truth!
Back to London I gave the shahadah and I gave it with the same person who was, (and is until today), the good muslim example near me.
The first thing I wished to do was to pray! Wallahi I remember that inside of me I had this big desire to prostrate and be 1 to 1 with Allah! Alhamdulillah!
So, brothers & sisters, don't be upset if you are shy or you don't feel confident in giving da'wah by words...act! The acts speak better than the words! SubhanAllah!

I hope I didn't write too much ;)
good story, i hope you are happy in this religion,you shall be happy inchaa-allah

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How I became a Muslim

The first time I heard about Islam in the school at the 1970´s. I was about 9 or 10 when my teacher in one class told that Islam is coming to Europe. At this time nobody didn´t talk about Islam or Muslim anything, not good or bad. But as he didn´t explain to us what this Islam really is we kids left to the idea its something unknown coming and propably we can´t do nothing to stop it. In children´s mind it was like some darkness what is coming.

Some years after that I found the old Quran from my parent´s bookcase. I was wondering why it was there as my home is quite atheistic; my family is Christian but when I was kids my parents never talked about religion. So I could say they were quite secular. My mother told that book belonged to my father´s mother who was interesting about other religions and read a lot about them. She was Christian and quite religious. Any ways, she died long before I was born.

I have always been interesting about history and other cultures so I was thinking "why not" and read that Quran. I was about 14 years old then but I didn´t feel that this book would to be anything special to me. In the matter of fact, it felt quite odd book.

During the years I read more and more about history. While reading about other cultures I also became aware about nowadays problems and became interesting about human right matters. I took part to the peace marches and several other kind of campaings. History books lead me also to think about happenings in the Middle East like wars and occupation. And of course, I loved to read more about its history too. I started from the beginning and learnt a lot about some ancient cultures. Then I found mentions about Islam again from some history book.

I remembered there were that old Quran again and decided to read it again. Also with my human right activities I had met some Muslims and many of them felt nice and kind people. They mentioned Islam to me and I wanted to know more about their believes. So I started the Quran again, over 10 years I had read it at the first time. Now I read also some other books about Islam and understood also the Quran much better.

I started to think the life and compared the Islamic values to my own atheist values. I hadn´t never thought these matters very much at all - like is here the God or not and if He is somewhere, then where He is. To me as the atheist world was already perfect without any nonsense about the God. But something put me to read more and think more and looking for more books.

The biggest matter to me was to understand where the God is. I didn´t see that the God would to be part of this world at all. Then i turned my way of thinking to up side down and started to think that maybe the God isn´t part of this world but maybe this world is a part of the God. This sounded to me very interesting and new way to think.

As I am the person who collects knowledge and understanding, these new ideas about the God didn´t leave me alone. It would be the most easy and natural way to looking for answers from the chruch but I haven´t had any contacts with my family or friends to the church at all plus I had always felt that ideology of the Christianity isn´t for me. All this trinity stuff didn´t make any sense. Looking for information about Islam was a way too harder as in my city hadn´t many Muslims at that time. Only few and I didn´t know them at all.

But I had books. Unfortunately this was the time before the internet where I could find very easily a lot of information as well other Muslims and some forums (like this one). So I continued to looking for more books and thought all this only by myself alone.

Soon I felt this Islam thing is something I can´t just leave. Something in my mind started to tell me it is my things and it will change all my life when I will find out what it really is. Finally, after many years of reading and thinking I found myself to thinking that Islam is like a garden. I saw to there but there were also a high fences around of it. I saw there something so beautiful I never hadn´t seen and urgently wanted to go in but because of the fence I couldn´t. The secret of Islam was inside of those high fences. I found there was a gate but it was locked and I hadn´t a key. So I had to turn back and started to looking for the key. But I didn´t know what they key even is so looking for it was a mystery to me. I felt I wanted to become a Muslim but how I can? What would to be the matter what makes me a Muslim? How it would happens? What I have to do?

Then I got an idea: what Islam means? It means to submit to the will of the God. That was the key I was looking for - submission to the will of God. This idea opened the gate to me but...

But then I suddenly felt myself so insufficient, so unpure, so worthless. There was just only little step to take and I would be in, but I couldn´t take it. I felt like it wasn´t my decision if I can take the last step or not. I had to give this the last and the most important decision to the God.

So, by the other words, I submitted the will of the God.

A little moment I felt like I would be light as a feather and I had the feeling like someone would touch me and lift me over the doorstep inside of the garden. I was a Muslim.

A week later I traveled to the other city where was a nearest mosque and said shahada in front of witnesses. It was on the 15th of April 1995. I felt like it would to be my the new day of birth.


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salam aleikum
How did you become a Muslim?


Share your story

I was thinking to start this thread,so everyone of us could share the story
There are so many converts on this site .I thought it would be interesting ...
I will share mine too :)

waaleikum salam

nice thread!.
Alhamdulillah I'm Muslim by birth
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