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  • Salam alaykum;

    "Do you think its wrong to ask Allah (swt) to forgive osama?"

    If someone wants to do so, it is ok. I just ask Allah gives him what he deserves at the Judgement Day. As you see, I believe Allah knows the best.

    About Alqaeda; I have a lot of information about they actions in many countries (or even about groups claim to be alqaeda as does anyone even knows if alqaeda exist after all conspiracy theories). Discussion about them is not my interest in here (even in some forum I have got its admins advice to delete all alqaeda/Osama- posts as mod keeping fitnah away between members).

    Have a good day and may Allah be with you.

    your sister in Islam
    Don`t worry man :)

    Im fine. Gotta work hard for my college grades. Im gonna spend half term revising hard Bithnillah
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