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  • Assalaamu alaykkum, seems like old members are visiting tti again huh? I saw you online here after many months...
    assalaamu alaykkum bhai..

    yes alhamdulillah. still at sea. may be another 2 or three months.. Allahu 'alam.

    how are you? In saudia?? how is life??

    whats new bhai?
    wa alaykkum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    wallahi, mein reply kar diya... i wrote, mera jhaaz pe bohut sare indians hai.. isliye mein hindi seek raha hoon.. pata nahi kahan gaya woh message.. sach me.

    aur bolo, chukanna ka meaning kya hai?

    haha.. improving huh?? anyway.. now i feel like i'm loosing grip on learning.
    alhamdulillah.. everything is good here. how are you? made new friends there??
    oh.ok bhai. you are in my du'aa. in sha Allah you will land up in a very good job. Allah is enough for you...

    aur kya chal raha hai? mein abhi hindi seekraha hoon. kaisa hai mera hindi?
    wa alaykkum assalaam.

    who are you anna? haha.
    just because you VM-ed me, it doesnt mean you are the good guy. haha. i have mailed you asking how things are going there. but you didn't reply..

    anyway. how are you akhee? got the job??? even yesterday i asked Zayan bhai to say my salaam to you if he calls you...
    hope you are fine, by the grace of Allah.

    i'm at ship akhee. include me in your du'aa please.
    InshaAllah bhai. Next month se apply karna shuru karta mei.
    Itna khali kaiko mehsus hora? waise mujhe bhi kabhi kabar hota.. Koi saath nahi hai na.. Par Allah(SWT) ki reham se, aur aap log ki wajah se, dil khush rehata hai most of the times. :) Alhamdulilah.

    Chicken ko dekhe aur mujhe yaad kiye? :O Hahaha.. Bhai, meri yaad kaise aagayi, mei toh khata bhi nahi na :p
    AssalaamuAlaikum bhai..
    Kaise ho? Khya chalra aaj kal? Bohot yaad aari bhai aapki.. Mujhe bhi saudi bula lo. ;)
    No bhai I havent forgettn...sorry for late response ,Eid MUbarak to you and family.I have lost internet access here,got it at the university today..I hope u r well insha'ALlah
    wa alaykkum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    ta qabbal Allahu minna wa minkum. annaaaaa, to you too. may Allah bless you and your family.
    wa alaykkum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    no bro. I didnt receive your last msg cos my inbox was full. i got a notice saying that and i cleared my inbox... from then, i was waiting for your msg.

    alhamdulillah, all good here. I got my visa approved. how about you?
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