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  • Salam alaykum
    :O who is here lol :p
    where have you been Alhamdulillah i am fine how are you
    Ramadan kareem :D
    why dont you come online on msn ?
    miss u alott <3
    Good alhamdulilah. my period started just now agh. I made a video sis. Add me on Facebook. :D
    Hey dearo Aisha!! I'm okay, in a lot of pain because I had my wosdome teeth removed today. Agghh. Lol. I'll get better soon InshaAllah. :hearts:
    Asalam alaikum dearo Aisha. I'm so happy to hear that you're doing doing well mashaAllah. :) woot! I'm good.
    Wa Alaikom Assalam honey !
    Thank you ! good luck for you too :)
    Ramadhan Mubarak to you too sweetie =)
    Ok , Take care about yourself sweetheart :)
    Wa Alaikom Assalam sweetie !
    I'm fine , hope you too :) Ramadhan Mubarak !
    MISSS U MORE :( I really don't have free time since I study Medicine that means all my life is stuck to it even holidays , I just finished a medical course .
    Hope to talk with you soon
    Love you ^_^
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