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  • lo0ol, same here!!!
    it annoys me to death!!!loo0ol...it's ok tho dont worry abt it:)
    and YOU're welcome my bro:)
    well, going to bed now...inshaAllah will talk to u sooon:D
    Assalamu Alaikum, and gud NITEY(afternoon to u)
    Allah hafiz now and always:D:D:D:D
    lo0ol, man u didnt make it CLEAR!!!!
    lo0ol, yea and jst for ur info, I reached 100, horrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay:D:D:D:D
    lo0ol, u right, but I wont be writing 95 poems, subhanahAllah....u think I got that smart brain?;)lo0o0ol, I totally get now, which means I am gonna edit my reply..b4 I seem "the ehem, fool sis"lo0ol
    thanks for clearin that up:D
    AlhamduliAllah:D I am doing GREAT:D
    JazakaAllah khairan for asking:D
    lo0ol, man u comment on my poem:D lo0ol....u really think I hv writen 95 poem??? lo0ol, I didnt even knw that:D it wud be really nice if I did..lo0ool, I somehow thought u were giving a goal to reach,lo0ol......and if u were, well,,thanks:D
    But sometimes I run out of topic:(
    well, ttu soon:D
    aaawwww, JazakaAllah khairan for your dua, and YES! I was happpppiii:D:D:D:D:D AlhamduliAllah,
    I hope u doing alright today:D inshaAllah!
    lo0ol AlhamduliAllah:D I jst get back from the masjid:) and today was the BEST:) it was NOT that hot...LOVED it:)
    hey, now u learned this <3...yaaaaaaaaaay:) so I can write more of it:D

    well, that was ma day:D
    Assalamu Alaikum and AlhamduliAllah I am still living....:D
    aaaaaaaameeen to aaalllllll of your duas:D
    loo0ol really??? u sure it makes u firm and solid??? weelll, it's good then, LET IT BE FREEEEEZING!lo0ol
    o0h this <3 this is *love* so I said *love u for Allah's sake bro* lo0ol
    sure looks like a wide smiley face:D:D:D:D:D:D
    well, I guess u probably sleepin:) soo, inshaAllah will talk to today or tonight:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    lo0ol really was I screamin???? oh RAB, I didn't knw I cud scream, I wonder hw laud it was,,hhhhmmmmm....and dont be sad, I actually was not trying to scream:D....now give me some greeensss,,,,and ameen to ur dua..LOVED the knowledge part..akhi PLZ make dua for me that Allah makes the Quran easy for,PLZ,PLZ,PLZ,
    o0h ma it's freeeezin! I hate that tooooo, wlahi winter is the I mean THEeeeeeeeeeee worst! the icy reads, the chills, dry skin all combined! subahanaAllah, it's ehem, baddddddddd
    wasalamu Alaikum, inshaAllah off to bedd now:D will see u tmrw if I LIVE...lo0ol-inshaAllah ta'ala:)
    <3 u for Allah's sake bro:D
    Allah hafiz now and alwayssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss:D:D:D:D:D
    GOOOD AFTERNOON to u and NITEY to me.l0o0ol
    man dont ever daubt my grreeeeeeeens, but walahi I am happi for you:D see man, I was makin dua that Allah makes it easy for you, and He did, why in the world wud I not be happi, huh, teelll me boy;)
    o0oh, asr....may Allah accept all your prayers and ours as well.ameen
    yea, it's gud but man, it's HOT and I usually dont hv loads of things to do.....but inshaAllah I will try to make it fun for me inshaAllah:)
    goody goooood, goN enjoy asr:)
    seeeee u around bro filAllah:D:D:D:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    AlhamduliAllah! AlhamduliAllah!AlhamduliAllah!!! see my duas WORKED! AlhamduliAllah:D
    u jst got bak?? wait is it afternoon for u guys??lo0l and I jst prayed Maqrib:D
    cool huh, Allah's amaazing signs:D
    I am AlhamduliAllah doin well, actually enjoying my *super boring summer* lo0ol
    walahi, I am glad it went pretty well, sooo happy for u:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Assalamu Alaikum my bro in Islam!!!

    jst wanted to knw hw the test went?? inshaAllah I am hoping the bestest...lo0l, it's ok if u cant find that word in the dictionary looook up at my *only* dic,lo0ol...I can send it over:D
    anyways, let me knw hw u doin tooo....seems like I hv not said "hi" in a loooong time..lo0ol
    :D:D:D:D:Dsome greenies for u:D:D:D
    aaww, that is def sad:(:(
    lo0ol, yea time to move out to UK or Saudi:D man I LOVE UK(but neva been there:()
    lo0ol, akhi true they dont talk back!
    oh yea, Feiz n yusuf estes!!!!!! yusuf estes is my sis's fav, she thins is *FUNNNI* whichc ofcourse HE is!!!!lo0ol,
    well, that is gud inshaAllah u'll meet one!!
    btw, I thank u for the correction u made:D
    Allah hafiz!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Assalamu Alaikum N gud mornin:D
    lo0ol, bro I was serious...but now I knw(lo0ked it up, dont be surprised coz English is NOT my first language)lo0ol...but now I knw AlhamduliAllah:D
    lo0ol, keep u company, I bet it's the BEST of company to be wif;)
    YES! lucky me, wo0oho0o~!...hey, HE came to the USA, not jst Australia:D
    lo0ol, maybe it's coz of the number of Muslims in ur city...aaah akhi inshaAllah u'll meet ur fav shaikh, I bet it's Faize(at least he is my FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVV!)
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    yepeeeyyy!!! nice, gud to hear u r hyped!
    nice, I soo love his lectures( sorri I am sayin the 2nd time, it's cool tho)lo0ol
    o0h my guess wat?? I actually seen khalid yaseen!!!! o0 ma rab!!! I ws goin YAAAAY!!! walahi, I seen him (LIVE)lo0ol and he is amaazin as well
    Siraj wahaj is gud but need to check out the rest!!!!
    I guess we both kinda like the same lectureres!:D
    hey, wat is broadband?? sorry dont knw:D:D:D:D:D
    lo0ol, I knw I am bad @ math toooo!:shymuslima1:!!!
    dont even mention it!!!!!! I hated my math classes!
    but inshaAllah, i hv stron faith in u;) N ma duas r comin to ur way!
    inshaAllah, I will stick to those webs
    wo0ow that is loads of lectures!!!! u hv FAIZ's lecture?? I so love his lectures, he is in Kalimah, right?? iam thinkin coz I downloaded some lectures from there:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:hearts:!!!!
    l0o0ol, fail exams?? naah, i am sure u will not!
    you r smar;) (dont ask hw I knw):D
    JazakaAllah khairan for the websites:D inshaAllah will check 'em out!
    PS> I hv nt been to alot of them b4, so thanks for sharing!:D
    GUD luck on your tests, may Allah make 'em easy for u.aameeen
    YAAAAAAAAAAY:D woho0o0o0o0o0o0
    niceyyy:D 17 is gud!:D
    yay, wait it's already saturday??? man time flies!:D
    well, it's still nice tho bc it's the weekend:D right?
    Allah hafiz now and always:D:D
    I am gud as well AlhamduliAllah:D:D:D
    Wiyaak akhi:D
    only 6 smiley's NOOOO, neeeeeeeed more than that bro:D it's Jumma At least 10 or more is gud:D
    Allah hafiz now and always dear bro in ISLAM:D:D:D:D:D:D
    *loads N loads of gRENIES for u:D:D:D:D:D*
    Assalamu Alaikum brother ALI:D
    I hope u doin well inshaAllah, sorry if I popped ou of no where:Dlo0ol
    I jst thot I wud ask hw u r doin inshaAllah:D
    MAY Allah help u in ur situation,give u patience and make u among those who succeed.ameen,ameen,ameen
    HUNG in there tightly:D Allah will surely help u...
    *verily with every difficulty there come ease!:D*
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    ~your sis in ISLAM~
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