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  • May Allah bring peace and happiness in your heart and of your family, on this Eid and always : )
    Ameen summa Ameen

    Poem from brother to Sister

    A good Sister Just Like You...
    A kind Sister Like You...
    Glad You're My Sister..
    My Special Wise Sister..
    My Allah keep a barrier between harm and my brave Sister.
    Assalamu allaicum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

    Respected brother, mashallah. I am happy to see you visiting again TTI.:hijabi:

    I hope Inshallah you will stay with us dear brother.:tti_sister:

    May Allah bless you

    Asalam wailkium sister.

    I have decided to leave TTI. I've enjoyed it 2-3years ago when i first joined, it was fun, intellectual, serious and fair/open. Now i find it to be full of silly posts/comments, childlike and uninformative. The mods have become bias and show preferences and favouritism depending on the posts.
    Anyhow, i thought i'd tell you because your posts have always been pleasent to read, informative and your poetry is lovely. Keep up the good works. I pray to Allah that he gives you the best in this world and in the hereafter.

    Takecare sister Asja and may Allah bless you.

    Final post and visit to this site.... give my kind regards to the rest of the ITT community....

    Amir of Spain aka Abdul-Rahman the 3rd.


    Wailkium salam sista.

    Congratulations on your wedding proposal/acceptance.

    You are like a gate/lock to that which is disliked by the believers and the angels and you are like a open door to all that is good and pure to the angels and to the believers.

    Long life and good health be with you

    ela liqa.
    Assalamu allaykum wa Rahmatullah my dear brother.

    I pray you are well InshAllah and your family.I wanted to pass my salams and see how are you.
    Baarak Allah feekh for your kind words and duas dear brother,mashallah you are good Muslim,with good character and may Allah always keep you like that.ameen,:tti_sister:. Like you wished for me dear brother I wish for you the same. :)
    May Allah always keep you in His blessings and Under His Mercy.

    take good care of yourselfe

    May Allah bless you

    wa allaykum saalam wa Raahmatullah
    Assalamu Allaicum dear brother

    How are you??? I hope InshAllah you are fine and under Allahs mercy. I did not see you active on the site for long time so I thought to ask you how are you,and pass you my saalams.:)

    If you do not mind asking you, your user name Amir of Spain,does it mean Prince of Spain???:) I saw your art work on your thread. MashAlllah it is very fine art. You are very talented.

    Take care dear brother

    May Allah bless you

    Sorry, for the last 6 months, i thought u were a brother and that was the major reason of bothering you alot.
    asalam o alaikum amir of gernada,

    how is life going ? wat are you reading these days?

    Amir of Cordoba
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