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  • salam alikum wa rahmatu allah taala wa barakatuh,
    i read your post in which you are searching for niqabi sisters, im niqapi sister im only one month ..
    Assalamu alaikum!
    Sorry brother abdalilah, i dont know how to use this site anymore. I think i sent you a post which was intended for sister blackivy393.
    Assalamu alaikum sister!

    I have been reading your posts for the last couple of years occassionally and I just discovered by conincedence that you have accepted Islam.

    Allah Akbar. That is a very good news, praise be to Allah, the only one worthy of worship. I am very happy to find this out.

    Congratulations sister and may Allah be pleased with you.
    salam alaykum

    congrats on ur conversion sis....i didnt know u thread for every1 to know bout ur conversion :p ....oh and happy e-card tough...these are tough financial times :p
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