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  • Salaam Alaykum bro, Didnt you come to Atlanta last year? If so, which Masjid did you attend?
    Asalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baarakaatuh,

    Hope you are doing well. I thought of you when I saw this.

    Can you do it? May Allaah help us all.
    Salaamalaykum akhi Danyal,

    It was nice to see you posting on TTI again. I hope you had a safe and pleasant trip.

    Please remember us all in your supplications. :)

    Wasalaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi
    Sorry again, just wanted to clarify that I in no mean meant to spread fitnah. I thought I was doing something good, but I was just ignorant. :) I am going to delete my post so that no one checks the link.
    Asalamu alaikum,

    I am very sorry both Danyal and BrotherInIslam that I didn't do proper reaserch before I posted it. Please forgive me. Brother BrotherInIslam, could you please provide the evidence you have found? JazkAllah khairan. And if next time (though inshaa Allah there won't be) you could inform me because I don't check brother Danyal's profile so I would have never known of this and I had told other people so..
    Salaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi,

    I happened to check out the link below on your page. It is pretty much run by and on 'soofee' ideology. I would advise you to stay far and away from them.

    oh! it is just my bad choice of words akhi. replace 'hail' with 'honor'.

    and many thanks for your explanation.

    in sha Allaah i will be little more careful when listening to lectures.

    jazak Allahu khyir

    wa assalaamu alaykkum wa rahmathullah.
    its getting clearer now brother and i agree with you. but..

    may Allah reward you with good,

    can you explain me whether we should hail Maryam(a.s) as virgin or not?

    i'm little confused and just want to get my facts correct.

    There is no sin in the case of maryam (a.s) as well as all other halaal-relation based births. right?

    assalaamu alaykkum wa rahmathullah.
    so what he said was correct. i.e Maryam was not touched by any human.

    But bro.Yusuf used the channels of Christian (original sin etc) to explain it.. so that it could mean original sin exists in cases other than maryam (a.s) (in other words a christian would understand wrongly about our beliefs). did i understand correctly akhi??

    nonetheless, if what you have said is what has happened, i'm of the opinion that the brother should have corrected himself.
    Allahu aalam.
    assalaamu alaykkum wa rahmathullahi wa barakatuhu

    i have been listening to yusuf estes' lectures lately. in one of your thread you have mentioned that he says wrong things too.

    well! if you consider is not as back biting, can you notify me his mistakes so that i can keep away from those?

    -your brother
    Salaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi,

    This is regarding Islamonline.net. The people who issue this fatawas like Yusuf Qardawi, Ahmad Kutty are not reliable. Their opinions are not held by most of mainstream Ahl ul Sunnah wal jama'a scholars.

    here is a warning against Qardhawi :- http://salafimanhaj.com/pdf/SalafiManhaj_QaradaaweeBooks

    These people don't think Mawlid is bidah, nor do they think that music is prohibited. Also they have opinions that Niqab is not from Islam and is 'extreme'. We can only say for these people 'May Allah swt guide them and give them proper understanding of fiqh Ameen'.

    Also, their views on Islamic Banking and Riba are quite erroneous and it is a great calamity that they are all affiliated with North American Islamic Organisations.

    I hope you are doing well brother. :)

    Wasalaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi
    Salaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi brother Danyal,

    I saw your post on TTI after a long time. I hope you are doing well Alhamdulillah. I just thought about dropping you a short message.

    Wasalaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi
    Salaamalaikum brother Danyal..

    Wow.. I was under the impression that Calif. would still be enjoying the warm climate.. so I guess it just the folks in Florida who will be able to escape the winter for a few more weeks.. hmm.. Well Alhumdulillah its still warm and pleasant in Texas so I can't complain that much.. :)

    Nice to hear from you and read your posts on TTI.. Take care Akhi and keep in touch.

    Wasalaamalaikum waa rahmatullahi
    :salam2: bro Danyal,

    How are you doing these days ? Hopefully everything is going well for you at your end. :)

    Still enjoying the sunny climate in Calif. ? We are about to get some rain this upcoming week and possibly could be the start of winter in texas.. sigh..

    Take care Akhi.. Wasalaamalaikum waa rahmatullahi
    Salaamalaikum Bro Danyal :),

    How are you doing ? I hope you are in good health and best of Imaan Insha'Allah. :)

    Really enjoy reading your posts. May Allah swt make everything easy for you Ameen.

    Wasalaamalaikum waa rahmatullahi waa barakatahu
    Assalamu Alaikum brother Danyal

    just thot I would drop by and say salaam, I havent seen you lately...
    hope you're ok,
    *Allah is there with you throught it all, you just need to trust HIM enough to lead you* !
    you're always in my duas!
    take care, and remember *Allah LOVES those He tests the hardest*!!!
    keep the patience, it'll pay off one day,someday, and you'd be GLAD inshaAllah...:)
    salaam aleykom sister, ur post made me sad about the interest issue. since u r already involved and did so before islam, i would say pay it off if u can and live in it. Allah is more merciful than our own mothers and we repent and ask for forgiveness always. interest is haraam of course but there are situations where it is ok but even then the minimum rate should be taken. i am not scholar but i do lot of research and have noticed the answer differs depending on who we ask. salaam aleykom and may Allah bless u, ameen.
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