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  • You getting married? MashaAllah congrats dear sister! That's so wonderful! I'm happy for you. I'm just going to apply to art school. I want to get married, but I can't find a good match. :( but everything is good. Just trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my future. InshaAllah...
    ***When you need it the most, when you think you have nowhere to go .... look yourselfe in the chambers of my soul ...this is your refuge ... if you can not find ... just look up into the sky .... there are clouds of our memories where my soul is resting...****
    oh i understand sis..its ok...and im well....i wish i would say u..buh u know i dont have the facility to use tti..inshallah i will msg u all my problem on fb
    Oh my sweety, i realy mised you. We never spoke. . You dont know i am so much in problem . My stupid brothers wife, destroyd everythng. . Oh allah i have to say u so much dilek. . .
    Ameen summa ameen dear sister for your always kind duas.:SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:

    May Allah accept all our ibadah, and open us doors of His Mercy,

    take care

    I love you for the sake of Allah

    May Allah bless you

    Assalamu allaicum wa raahmatullah wa barakaatuhu dear sister.

    Mashallah, I am happy to hear that you are spending Ramadan in happiness and blessings. I agree with you sister, everything about Ramadan is beautiful,and it makes our hearts more clean and make our nafs more peacefull. All praise be to Allah, for all His Mercy towered us.

    May Allah reword you dear sister for trying to finish reading Quran this Ramadan,and reword sister "hassana elkoussi" too, :hijabi:, for helping you mashallah.Everything what is done for Allah subhan we teala is easy, althought it may seem sometimes hard to us.

    In my neighbourhood we are making and taking iftars to Muslims who are not in good wealth, to help them to fast easily this Ramadan Inshallah.I feel very happy and garetfull to Allah, to be part of it. May Allah make us helpers and supports of each others.
    Wa Allaicumu salam wa raahmatullah wa baraktuhu my dear sister Dilek.

    May Allah reword you for passing me your salams and remembering me mashallah. Yes here is night too dear sister. :hijabi: Alhamdulillah I am well with mercy of Allah. Ramadan is passing good untill now mashallah, but I feel is passing so fast because many times we forget how great gift of Allah is Ramadan. I try to spend more time in ibadah, read Quran, going more in mosque on prayer,and make iftars. :hijabi:

    How about you my dear sister? How do you spend ramadan and how are spending Muslims ramadan at your place? Do you have organized iftars? I hope Inshallah you spend beautiful Ramadan and your family.

    May Allah bless you and make you close to Him.

    take care

    I love you for the sake of Allah

    Salaam alaikum sister dilek, I've decided to make some graphic novels about Haneen inshallah!
    Asalam alaikum sister dilek!! Ramadan is good, though I can't fast this time, I'm trying to read the entire Qur'an before the end of Ramadan inshallah!! :) Awww Haneen is good. I'm still working on the other character's development, but Haneen has come a long way. She even has a new look mashaAllah! Soo cute in her hijab hehe. :hearts: I wanted to write more about her and share Haneen with the other TTI members, but after my thread about Haneen was closed last time I stopped writing about her on TTI. :( Anyway I'll look at Sakura's art work mashaAllah! :biggrin: Maybe I can convince the other TTI members to look at Haneen inshallah!!!
    walaikumassalam sis . . How r u sis . . Hey in fb theres a grup which nermin made , you knw there r isra, and wafaa, who joined dat tti grup on fb, and wafa is in ur frnd list of fb , who is wafa , whats her username here. I wana knw :D
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