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    Suggestion to Admin/moderator

    :salam2: Thank you For your suggestion , Inshallah I'll do my best to Help Mabsoot , He's very busy but inshallah from now on I'll Do my best To make this forum the Best. Now i am at the Admin cpanel , I'll change Few options :) :astag:
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    :salam2: welcome Brother to our Great Family. I hope you'll spend Great Times Here Reading , Learning & posting your opinions & thought About islam , Muslims :) :salam2:
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    (Link are Dead) All Mishary al-Afaasy CD Rip Albums!!

    :ma: I have the whole quran with his voice, and some Anashid , really a great voice
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    Im from Australia and you...

    :salam2: i am From lebanon, i joined This website last summer :) my english is not very good, i can speak arabic. i am a friend of the Admin , he helped me lots of time, he's like my brother:d and i am proud to be his friend i am 17 years old
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    salamz^new here

    al salam aalaykoum sister :SMILY206: Glad to see you around here! Feel free to ask if you need any help salam!
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    Qana Lebanon No Comment Sad Video

    al salam aalaykoum chazakum Allah kul kheir yeah bad movies..for that reason i hate hizbullah they want civil war suni and chiaa and war between lebanon and israel and who will win for sure IRAN!!!
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    please pray

    al salam aalaykoum inshallah i'll pray for ur little brother my Allah be with him
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    sourate ar-rahman al-'afasy

    al salam merci mon frere pour cette contribution mishary al afasy je le prefere le plus jolie voix ma shaAllah
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    Just registered :))

    wa aalykoum al salam sister have a good time here with ur second family inchallah! jazakum Allah kul kheir wasalam
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    Assalamualaikum, My name is Taufik, I'm from Malaysia.

    wa aalykoum al salam brother we are one family here ALLAH bless u
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    Salaam Alaikoum!

    wa aalaykoum al salam welcome to your second family inchallah
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    martial arts

    I do a bit of Boxing but it's dangerous lol i like swimming last year i won the second place in the north championship here in lebanon al hamdoulillah
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    Part 2 Forty Hadeeth Qudsi

    ma sha ALLAH jazakum ALLAH kul kheir brother i am very weak in english i have all this great ahadiss in one bookes tnx brother!!!
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    wa aalayjoum al salam salut bienvenue dans cette islamic family have a good time here bye and take care
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    Thank You TurnToIslam

    wa aalaykoum al salam yeah sure good work for all moderators here and special tnx for mabsoot great work!!!