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  • Assalamo alaikum.

    Sister, i have started a conversation with you.I hope you can read it.Earlier we had message system...this site has changed a lot....
    Walaikum assalam warahmatullah...

    Dear sister
    I'm absolutely fine. Alhamdullilah .Jazakallah Khair for asking.
    Err..i didn't understand the other question.Are you asking me if i know Tamil?...If yes, then i guess now you know that i don't.:p.I have never been to south.

    Anyways, i read in one of your post that you are a revert .Mashallah.
    What led you to Islam sister?:)
    Wa`alaikum salaam, ukhty! Just do the same thing you did when you posted your first thread ;) Go to 'community' and choose any of the sections to post whatever you wish (they're all titled according to the contents), and then on the top ride side you'll see a blue "Post new thread" button, click on it and type away. : ) I hope you enjoy it here.
    salam alaikum , is this the way to post , question , or anything, i am bit confused with this site, could be because i am a newbie. pls help
    wa alaikum asalaam.
    I am a moderator here. This is your status update, so not the usual place to post, but it got noticed!

    On any post in the forums, you should see 'reply', or there is a space at the bottom of the page to write in.
    To start a new thread, click on 'Community' and select the area you want to post in, you should see the option to 'Post new thread' at the top of the page.

    Hope this helps you get started, in shaa Allah
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