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  • salam khor FF,
    auw dera excited yum mashallah.
    kha da kana,dalta lonely feel kawam.
    au khawand sara life khA YE.bas dua ke mey yada saata.
    zama pa dua key yada ye.
    Allah de sta izzat osati ameen.
    walaikumasalam grane khor,
    kha yum alhumdulillah .ta sengai?
    gift kho me
    1 silver ring,a cup and 2 shirts
    may Allah give us peace and imaan ameen.
    one day inshallah one day u will be coming to afghanistan via pakistan.and inshaLLAH i will be receiving u on the Peshawer airport lol.
    za australia ta na yum teli kho inshallah dua kawa khor che lara shum akhpal saree sara lol.
    auw ma raza afghanistan ta Amerikayan dair zalimaan dee.auw da jang pa mahool ke pa ta sa akhpal watan gorey.(hope u understand lol)
    lol we were frnds but we were not pukhtoon frnds man.:)
    moorey!!!!!! it is so sweet.dair kha ba inshallah australia ta zam.zama khawand pa australia ke afghanistan border ta tale yum kho kabul katal me dair armaan de.kabul kho zmeng ta saqafat nishaan de.dua kawa che Allah Paak de zmoong khaWRE ta amen werkee ameen.
    ta afghanista ta na razey khor?
    man! now it looks like two pukhtoon sisters are frnds lol.
    ta akhpaley moor ta sa waye,moor jaan?
    sa werta ammi wayum au mashran wroona me werta addey wayee kho mata pa khpala "moorkayee" dera maza rakayee.
    moor jaan mey salam
    salamualaikum khor jaan,
    hey no,u are very talenteed because u dont live in pakhtoo speaking community and ur first language is probably english i think.and pakhtoo is not an easy language to learn ha.
    za kho hairana shwum lol sta pakhtoo ta.great man.
    ka saba inshallah future ke zma bachee australia ke wee noo hagha ba pakhtoo wailey shee au kana?
    i am really concerned about it:(
    yes i do watch the news but now i dont so often cos there is always death and calamity all over shown in these news.i m kinda sick with it.
    but i do like to read anything,just anything.novels hummmmmmmm....they are always my first choice as i ve told u before.
    it wasnt bad lolZZZZZZZ ha but the problem is not with us but its with the dialect dialect is different from yours so........u understand my problems,right?
    otherwise ur great at pukhtoo honestly man!!!!!!!!
    see ya inshallah
    take care FF
    Assalamu alaykum mky dear sister!Juma mubarak May Allah bless your day Ameen!

    Your sister
    hummm......nice i mean very nice.
    pakistani clothes with vest.we have same traditional clothes.whenever u happen to come here u wont feel any difference between these to sister countries.we have same language,same culture and above all we are tied up by the same universal bond and that's
    well,i love to be with my cousins and i will terribly miss them.
    we chat ,gossip,hang out and we celebrate our little things .its quite fun being with them,especially female cousins.
    pa pukhto ke khabare kawa khor.hagha kho pukhtoon na de che pukhtoo werla na werzee lol (kidding ha)
    never mind za yum kana tala pukhtoo zdakawaloo da para.
    tc waslam
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