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  • Wa alaikim alsalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh, you are most welcome dear sister , how are you?
    Salam Sis!! Mashallah beautiful name Noor-ul-Huda, The light of guidance.. I love the name Hudda, - as I am always seeking guidance, I thought it would be appropriate to use it. Actually my name is Aisha which I also love...
    Salam sis!!!! :D

    How are you? :hearts:

    We both have the same name- except i spell it with only 1 'a'.- and my FULL name is spelt Noor-ul-Huda. :lol:

    but "Huda" is wat everyone calls me- so yeah :D

    Salam!!! ;)
    Walaykumu salaam
    Wayaki my dear sister! :hearts:
    Erm...I dont think TTI has a "chat line" but adding someone as your friend can make it easier if you wanna PM em ;) Or is that what you meant? Lol sorryy...I cant understand things easily :redface: lol

    Anyways, I hope you are doing well!
    Take care
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