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  • lol good to have u back for valentines day ;) lol just kidding man :) ALhumdulilah im glad to see u back we need more brothers like u :) inshALlah stay safe this time ;)
    I have done cleaning of my inbox twice today! Brother, can't you find excuse for your brother? If he is jaahil like you said, isnt its our responsibility to teach those of what we know? Also I see this as ppl who have differences of opinions. You cant call someone who holds another different POV than yours as jaahil (the 'you' is referred to generally in this sentence). Once, I reported abt Appa but dont you see how she has changed from her previous views becos of ilm? And I see her as a mother despite that I dont always agree with her and argue too. Sometimes, it takes wisdom and patience to do dawah. You dont expect ppl to change their views overnight, do you? How about trying putting those both; patience and wisdom towards ppl?
    Aisha, i couldnt send u a pm, you have exceeded ur number of pm. Remove some of them! But anyway, here was my pm to you: "Salam alaykom warahmatullah wabarakatuh

    Eid Mubarak. I have sent a PM to two moderators, only one replied. I will also try to send a pm to Mabsoot. I wont let a jahil like John Smith (how did he even find his way to TTI?) speak ill against a Muslim ruler in this forum. I wont let him play around the words of the members here, and also he doesnt know who the group TTP is and thats why he is attacking the Afghan Taliban. Do you seriously want me to stay quiet about his hizbiyyah? Honestly if that man lived in an islamic state and we heard him speak ill of the Muslim ruler, he would probably get whipped !"
    Commenting about a shocking behaviour that shocked me very much. Maybe I expect better from you. Seriously, I do feel you are BETTER than that. Do you mind? And want me to do it here or in private?
    Nah it didnt bother me that you said immature, but the "essays" were not for you, I am speaking about what I copied and pasted about the Neo-Salafis, that was for Aisha. Also I posted only one post about you in her page. It shouldnt be bothering her.
    You did some awesome amount of reading? Sobhan`Allaah, you could have mentioned it and I would have shorten my VMs to Aisya to save you the effort. lol. No I don't mind.
    There was nothing personal. My words on your wall or Aisya's are just passing thoughts. You or Br. Ershad are not mine to judge. If I say he's been "nasty" or "mean" or you being "immature" or "stubborn" I do it with full knowledge that you (Both) will be able to read it. I don't mean it and it's not because any of you actually "are" this way "permanently". And that if you have a problem with it or want to "judge" me or have an opinion of me based on this. You may do so and I can be told to quit it. It won't be a problem:)

    About shinquiti, he's a dear shaykh non the less. I don't care what "some" have to say about him, or anyone for that matter.
    Asalamo`Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh,

    Akh, hope you are well. It's my turn for "haha". You've been filling poor sister Aisya page with Vms for me?

    I haven't read it, I'll reply when I read it. But err you got to stop writing on her wall for me. It may actually be bothering her.

    So I did my reading:

    To reply to this:
    Salam alaykum sister Seeking Allah's Mercy!

    I happened to see that you wrote about me haha, yes sadly it seems i can become immature at times, dont worry i dont consider what u wrote abt me as being 'backbiting'. But dont forget my brothers/sisters, I am open to advice, and theres no need to say sorry. If theres anything wrong with me, then tell me. I saw your other comments here too (i hope it doesnt bother you) about Shinqiti, and I want to tell you that shinqiti is already OFF the manhaj by the neo-salafis. Shocking? Yes i know!
    Brother Idris. The reason you're able to write on my wall is because I changed my VM settings from disable to registered members to able. And if you want to talk to Sister Seeking Allah's Mercy, continue writing on your wall instead of mine. I understand your excitement, though [Sarcasm].

    Anyways, whats with the "my" scholars and "your" scholars? Are we not upon the same road? Do we have different stance and views? Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't gone on that path where we'll be checking every single Ulama whether they are upon the correct aqeedah or not. That's the job of student of knowledge, akhee, not us, layman. Unless you are among those who are studying under/with the scholars, then I'll leave that to you.
    I apologize if my words weren't clear in that thread. The kuffar rulers such as Ghaddafi, Mubarak, Zain al Abideen, Bashar al Assad, yes they were/are kuffar. Some scholars have talked about their apostasy. I leave to Allaah to judge them.

    But when it comes to the Saudi regime, I don't say they are 100% correct or infallible. Cos they are not. But they still let the scholars of Sunnah to spread the `ilm. Dakwahtus Salafiyah is still being spread at those lands. Hate the evil that they (individually) are doing but does that mean we have to build a movement to go against them?

    It's fine that you're sick of it because I'm not really much into such discussion either.

    Wa`alaykum as-salam wa rahmatullah.
    You can disable the display of your reputation by going to your User CP and selecting Edit Options. On this page you will find a check box labelled 'Show Your Reputation Level'. Un-checking this box will remove the display of your reputation and replace it with the Reputation Disabled icon. You can still give and receive reputation while your reputation display is disabled.
    I couldnt find it though, so it seems it doesnt work disabling it.
    You must have been giving around lots of reps to different people since you're able to give me again. Wish I could disable it like Mabsoot.

    Tried to give reps to 3 different people but all gave the same message: You must passed around some rep before giving it to this user.
    I know a number of people seem to want to do better things.

    No, I don't mean you were stalking me, I just wanted to return the rep and I couldn't so was wondering about your secret powers. . .
    What brother Ershad doesnt know is that even the students of ibn Uthaymin are not Neo-Salafis, ask the Shaykh who is married to the daughter of Ibn Uthaymin, his name is Sheikh Khalid al-Muslih. I give rep many times to brothers and sisters, maybe some sisters think I am stalking them when thats not the case, I give rep to brothers as well, I just gave to Abu Talib and brother user expired! So thats why I can send you rep so fast. Wa iyyaak.
    I pray he grows in terms of his goodness though, whichever way it may be. Inshaa`Allaah TTI will get it's brother back from spubs lol.

    EDIT: How do you manage to give me rep so soon? JazaakAllaahu khayraa.

    To your rep:
    Ershad is playing with my words all the time; I wont reply to him anymore, it is useless.

    Hey! br. Ershad is a good guy. Inshaa`Allaah he'll come around to being the good person we were used to.

    I'm super happy to read the rest though. Another brother seems to want to take you place now *Sigh* I'm giving up! But khair Inshaa`Allaah, May Allaah grant you a palace in Jannah for giving up pointless argument. . .Even if you did it later than I wanted you to.

    BaraaAllaah feek. Now here's the thing Inshaa`Allah. That thread doesn't exist for you. Don't bother debating it. Err no I'm not bossing you around, just saying. . .
    Oh yeah well, blind fold her when she comes here again. She won't know lol.

    Well I know you are, but our newly born spubs brother isn't. I'm really feeling sad about it. He was one of our good brothers. It's such a loss. Me and Aisya must have had our evil eye effect on him. I remember saying mashaa`Allaah but looks like he's still affected. We always thought he's the one to be the next great TTI's dependable brother. He's seems so angry and bitter. It's not cool at all.

    May be not unjustly but you just labeled him untimely. I mean making friends with him "might" have been a better idea. Anyway, I was talking about them labeling me, I've heard it this group's hobby. So, I won't go ahead and advice him because I may get a label if he gets all annoyed again.

    It's just wrong. He was (I'd like to believe he still is) a good guy. Cool, calm and tolerant. I was really taken aback by his sudden "full fledge miskeen bashing" post.
    Hehe, I dont label people unjustly, and I wont ask you why you are not advising him, take it easy everyone. I am not sure if you are being sarcastic but sister Aisha can see your post here. Wa Iyyaak. I am calm person, not angry, dont know maybe it sounds like I am angry when I am not?
    Oooh I see my sister giving you a one-two. I'm going to join her.

    Listen bro, let it be. Now I'm on your side on this one. And not Aisya's and that's a terrible thing to realize. But here's the thing. I know what's going in your head but confronting and debating won't help. I've seen it carry on pages after pages on multaqa. It's a wreck. They grow deeper into it when they are debated. Just leave it. You are saying really bitter things and so is he. I can see he's changed from a real calm guy to a 6mm shooter if you'll have it that way. It'll help if you'll put you 9mm out of the scene for a while. Make dua for him. Hardly anyone knows about the shaykh and shaykh Rab'ee here. Give that thread a rest and it'll reach the bottom of the list. End of Story.

    And don't ask me why I won't "advice" him. I'm in no mood of being labeled as a _________(put the name of any sect in there.)

    Oh and don't tell sister Aisya I sided with you. 'kay. JazaakAllaahu khayraa.
    It is difficult explaining everything about the Neo-Salafis. You dont know why I am so against them. They are a poison for our Ummah. Don't worry, I dont get offended or angry with you. I have a feeling you will become a moderator for this forum one day. Barikillahi Fik.
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