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  • :lol: bs its cuz mera kolg thori masti kara ee deta ae lmao
    sure will check that one owwwt ;)
    tobahhh more like im her personel assistant :lol:
    ok ok ho jaye snow fall :D there i said it :p mere kehna sa konsa hoo jani ae mahahhaa
    lolz ma tou dafa ho jao gi tou apni fikar kar ;)
    hope ur bck ache :p is gud nw ;)
    yawr come on u knw i cant help that lolzz i dun come to mischief it comes to mehhhhhh :D
    tc ult ♥
    Yup, me the same ol' same ol'. ;) Alhumdulillah.

    i feel terrible for not having kept in touch with you. im so sorry.

    Whats new hun? Hows everything going?

    :lol: naw em not havin animal instincts juzz tuje ahem lmao tang karing lmao
    half a mind to leave hea? chal bhag jaa fir :p cuz honestly kuch kaam ka ni reh giya iss site per :p em thinkin ov goin too. Bs come nd go to say hi shy to sum sistazzzz
    yr i dun think ab snow ho gi waha haha :D
    she has all the love yr =P kher about the horse bs jee fiery spirit spirit sa wo move yaad aye k ni? lolzzz billi b yahi kahi chupi pari ae ;) dun worry its still © Copyright► Catlover◄ LOL :D tc cuzn mwah hugzzzzzzzzzzz 2moro iz color day in our kolg em still thinkin wha color i shud wear hehe xD tc ♥
    *wolf whistles* lmao xD tou yaha kese aa gaye :p i thought u left ? nyway welcome bck jani LOL :D em doin gud as u knw :p tu suna? ;)
    Asalamu alaykum lil Zainab!

    How are you you dear sis? Long time, eh? Hope you are in best health and iman. Take care:D:hearts:

    ok ok i understand :D lol theek ha jee lol kal aa jain no tension ;)
    give a hug to nano frm me :D:D:D
    na me no mind karing chill missin u guys :S
    salamz dear cuzn ;)
    yar missing yew:(..........we cant talk @ fb anymore :p so thought lol here again :lol: take care....hppe all fit f9 on yer side *hug*
    whoa 10 marks!!!:eek:that's oing to kill me b4 i wake up :lol:

    oyee gandi behna lauging at me face don't worry lol farigh ho kar coming to pull your ears:p
    yeah 2nd year!!shame shame i'm still hving papers:(
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