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  • salam alaykum sis Hope you are in best health and emaan insha Allah
    hey sis iam from iran and mostly afghanies i have come across they speak farsi
    "Amroz chothore shuma" :lol: sis incase you dont speak farsi it means how are you today :D

    nice to meet you sis
    khuda hafiz
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...

    Walaykumasalaam wr wb

    Ahaan, MashAllah that's cool, you must really miss them.
    InshAllah you'll see them soon.
    Alhamdolilah i'm much better now, Jzk for asking :)
    And sorry for the late reply, so much work..

    Take care :)
    Walaykumasalaam wr wb

    Aww, why were your parents away? MashAllah it's good you enjoyed Eid.
    Meri Eid teekh guzaree, Alhamdolilah, magir mein tohri si behmaar thi :(
    But it's cool :)

    Ji, bilkul sahi baat hai, aik din InshAllah mein muslim mulk mein rozay aur Eid karungi :)

    Apni dua mein mujhe yaad rakna :hijabi:
    This profile is poshto poshto poshto....?
    Well i am poshto too (afghanistan) and now this soooo poshto
    Well take care and enjoy ramadhan
    Walaykumasalaam wr wb

    MashAllah that's very good, I really wish I was like that with pashto lol

    Ramazaan kehsay hain? :)

    Remember me in your duas, take care. :hijabi:
    oh ok cool, where in Pakistan, if you don't mind me asking, and does that mean you can speak urdu?

    Tc *!*!*!

    Pashto is also my mother tongue, but I'm not that great at speaking it, will be eventually though inshAllah. I was tempted to say ''Pakhto darsy?'' But I didn't know if you'd understand coz of the different dialects lol.
    yes, i m pathan ....u r right
    do u know phastuo? or what lnaguage do u speak at home?
    well, i m from pashwer but i m living in saudia arabia mashAllah and what about u?
    ohhhhh u r from afghanistan wow thats grandmother is also from afghanistan but i m from peashawer in pakistan.......nice to talk to u dear

    take care
    Asalamalikum sister
    ''RAMadan mbrOOk ''
    how r u?..... n whats going on these days?...
    take care
    jazakAllah khayran. no im not there now. i see you are there on your location ? how is the situation? may Allah bless you too.
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