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  • Salaamu `alayka warahmatullaahi wabarkaatuh, akhy.
    I see you`re not around much so I hope all is khayr at your end inshaa'Allaah.

    A friend recently shared a site with me, and I benefited from it Alhamdulillaah. It has lots and lots of defferent, on-going amazing duroos maasha'Allaah. And I thought maybe you'd also find some benefit from it?

    Take care.

    Asalam Aleikum
    Thank you for the book and about the thread, it has taken a different direction but inshallah i hope some benefits come from it. If you know of any good sites for books pls let me know
    Waelikum Salam
    Assalaamu alaikum,
    this is concerning your thread "Dawah help"
    I think it is taking a different direction which is why I am writing on your wall rather that your actual thread.
    About Democracy, This book I shared here explains it perfectly fine. Its written by one of our current major scholers, may Allaah preserve him and his knowledge. ameen
    His name is shaikh Yahya al-hajoori....in the attachment, scroll down to the last few pages and he addresses democracy and how its against Islam with details and proofs from the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Insha'Allaah it will be of help to you!
    Waan gartey akhy, caadi waaye insha'allah! ani xatta maa nan hubin, ummadoo lee ii sheegeen. waxey kale oo xattaa i dhahee inu shiiko caan ah - cafwan, magaciisa wuu iga dhumey - xaggiina uu daganyahay..! But anyways, looks like i should be the one asking you for website yaal seeing as kuwwaan aqaano dhan in aad taqaantid...:)
    Salaam `alaikum!
    Asalam Aleikum
    Maa ogeen inu asaga iskaleyahay websitka boqolsoon. If he was in Norway then it must have been in Oslo the capital laakin magaladas maa kuu nooli, waxaan daganyahay tuulo yiriis oo 20,000 qof kuu nool, sidas darateed waqtii oo firaaqo ma aan haysaniin ina aan tagoo & i've never seen the sh other than on videos .
    Waelikum Salam
    Maya akhy...Boqolsoonka waxaaba iskaleh C/caziz xassan yacquub..! taas maadan ogeen miyaa?^.^ and Saad subban website ma'ahan, it's magaca shiikha(c/aziz) cajaladooyinkiisa. Oh and i asked(abt sh.Mustafa) because a while back he was in Norway(or so i was told..), so i was wondering if you got to actually meet him s'all?!
    Salaam `alaik warahmatullaah akhy!
    Asalam Aleikum
    I know both the websitkaa (boqolsoon) iyo shiikha (mustafa xaaji), lakiin maa aqaan sh C/aziz xassan yacqub iyo websitka saadsuban
    waelikm salam
    Salaam `alika akhy! hope you're in the best of health and eemaan!

    Hadda leen soo xasuustey that you wanted site yaal..i hope you still do 'cause this one qattar waaye wallahi! If you're a sheikh C/aziz xassan yacqub(shiikha oo 'Saad Suban' iskaleh) fan, then you'll love this,


    btw, do you know sheikh Mustafa haaji Isma'iil..?

    Wassalaam alik!
    As-salaamu `alaikum!

    Eid Mubaarak walaalo! I pray that you and your family have a pleasant one:)!
    Hope you've been keeping well Akhy in Norway=). May Allah swt's blessings always be with you!

    Take good care!
    Here's The Very Cool site I've been visting lately...I was actually jst watching
    "21st Century Crusaders" in their video section- It's Incredible, Masha'allah!

    It's called, "Kalamullah.com".
    But If you've seen it before, then it's ok Insha'allah.
    Khayr aan kuu rajeeyna-
    Wa'aleykum Salaam warahmatullah
    As-salaamu 'Aleykum!

    I just came by to share this one site with you, and then I noticed tht postVV was directed to me but I guess you accidently posted it here,lol.

    Yes, I agree wallahi. Since we(myslef in particular) aren't very knowledgeable yet, it's best we stay away from such sites. May Allaah swt grant us protection from their(suufiyaasha)doings.
    Oh, No akhy. Alhamdulillah my surgery is a minor one. Anoo iska joogo, This bump-looking thingy(the Dr. said it was called a "Ganglion sist") Appeared on my wrist all of a sudden and the funny thing was, My Dr. had the same thing on his wrist as well(tho HIS was MucH smaller). And since mines hurts, he said, It can be removed. But the surgery is not Until After Ramadaan. I remember yu had a surgery as well, Subhanallah! but Lugahaada maxaa ku dhacay, again?It slipped my mind:)
    Asalam Aleikum

    Nope, first time i've heard of that website but thanks anyway. I think we should be careful when visiting such websites because we might not be able to differentiate between what is innovation and the truth all the time unless we are knowledgeable people.
    You said that you had surgery coming up? i hope that it isn't a big surgery because even though mine lasted about an hour it was really painful afterwrds when the anaesthetics ran out. May Allah swt make it easy for you

    Waleikum Salam
    Don't worry abt it, I'll figure out wat they mean by saying Xaafidhullaah to the scholars soon Insha'allah:)
    Owh, subhanallah! Surgeries suck don't they- ..I have one coming up soon:( I hope your knee is in better shape now and don't stress over the Imtixaanka, just study what yu can and leave the rest to Allah Insh'allah. May Allah swt make you successful in this life and the hereafter.Aameen.
    But yeah, Allah swt placed duties upon us and our first priority is to fullfil them no matter what obstacle. And Umadda somaliyeed hadee intaas fahmi wayaan, abaal marintooda Ilaahey lee kasaayo. I knOw waxne inaan u suubin karin, but still, I can't help but feel ashamed becoz the fact that aniga waan iska raaxeesanooya while iyaga dhibaata ee marooyan is killing me. Laakin Insha'allah! one day everything will sort itself out by Allah's will.
    As-salamu 'Aleykum!!

    Wow, subhanallah! I knew sufi yaa inee ka buuxeen in somali, tho i had no clue inee is kala bixiyeen and are against each other. To be honest, as much as i agree with yu that these war will go on if we stay Ignorants. I think that somalia can become like it was before(Islamically developed country), but their biggest issue is Tribalism. I've never seen a more qabiiliste people than them wallahi. Them fighting the Ethiopians ONLY wouldv'e been wax la fahmi karo, but they're actually fighting within themselves so there's no way they'll find peace unless that matter is settled. As for the Al-Shabaab, I don't really know what to think of them, I mean, I've seen lots of vidoes of them doing crazy things- one i particularly remember is iyaga oo a 13 yr old stones ku dilayaan bcoz she apparantely commited Zinah...but these people tht are posting the vidoes ma la aamini karo sometimes. so I'm just gonna ignore the horrible things I come across and pray it isn't true.
    http://www.ahlusunna.org/ <<here it is! video yaasha oo dhanka midigta fiiri bal - the rest al-shabaab lee ee ka hadlaayaan(btw, what do yu think abt Groupkaas shbaabka eh, it'd b cool to have sum 1 else's point of view abt it) ....and supposedly, saas ee ahlu-sunnah ku yihiin, nacuudu billah!

    And Dont worry abt the late reply, atleast waa reply gareeyse right:)
    sorry IAM replying late too, mashqool baan ahaa.
    Yu have imtixaans? I hope yu did well If yu've already taken it, but if yu haven't, then Ilaahay hakuu fududeeyo. Ilaahay garabkaada ha galo and May He make yu pass without any diffulty.Aameen
    Take Care!
    Wa'aleykum salaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!

    Owh yea, I see! things are a bit jammed together, but i guess they still work just fine, alhamdulillah! and the best part was when i went lower, I found the sheikhs i was looking for- Ummal iyo Cabdiaziiz xasan yacqub. but what i didn't get was, marka oo magaca sheekhyaasha ee qoraan, why ee 'xaafidhullaah' ku xijjinaayan? isn't 'xaafidhuhullah' used for marku qof uu dhinto? but akhy, JazakAllahu khayr for the links still. Ilaahay hakuu abaal mariyo. Oh, other website oo see camal aa rabte? TTI enuf makugu ahan miyaa?:D Waan iska ciyaaroya, don't worry. Laakin hadda link yaasha masoo xasuusti, but i know a few other sites oo fiican wallahi...in the meantime-
    site kan fiiri if yu haven't before and tell me ur opinion on it. I jst think it's redicilous 'sufi' yaasha wexee suubiyaan, and these people are among them subhanallah!
    As-salamu 'Aleykum!!

    Hope you're doing well akhi!...urmm, so you remember that one thread you made about "history of Somali" right, well. the "cilmunnafic link waxaa ka khaldan aan u maleyna, coz when i went to go check it out that same day, all the contents were mixed together for some reason and I thought computerkeyga inuu ahaa, so maantaan u laabtey and it's still the same!:)...but you shud check it out on your own again maekaad waqti heshid.
    But the other site was pretty cool, they also have a "nasheed" thing,lol:D:D...except It doesn't have any of sheikh Umal's muxaadarooyin, I think:)
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