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  • Assalamualaikum Sister, mubarak for the niqab! May Allah make u strong. Thank you for the videos i really shiver looking at the strength of the girl. May Allah bless you.
    Assalamo Alaikom Ukhti..

    I'm actually using my dad's desktop because my laptop stopped working..and this desktop doesn't have messenger on it :-(..tell me when you usually come online though..because I will be purchasing a laptop soon inshallah..and I want to talk to you about something that's important inshallah :)

    I love you for the sake of Allah ukhti

    Assalamo Alaikom habibti

    I just logged online (will be on for a short bit) so if you swing by TTI and you read this..log onto msn real quick ;-)

    wa Alaikum salaam wr wb:D:D:D
    haa I had the best ciid wallahi, alhamdulillah:D:D:D
    hey af-somaligada maxumo lol
    i wonder hw ur readin is:D?
    my readin sucks lakin qoraalkeega maxumo yaah?
    ani xataa abaayo, i luvu for Allah's sake!
    wa i soo wacde last night aan u maleena....abaayo wweey shaqeenesay, so yea.
    inshaAllah bari aan kuso wacaa hadaan wax kale dhacin lol
    khayr adigane kuu rajeeyna macaaaaanto
    stay blessed hun:D
    Allah be with u always n forever:D:D:D
    wa alaikom assalam wa rahmato Allah wa barakatoh

    :-D it's not like I have a choice..I'm a bit sleepless (don't know the reason) I try to insert some benefit into the time I spend awake..hence the strong presence on TTI these days lol
    LOL sobhanallah...well me..nothing will get the language embedded within your mind with full understanding like practice...especially when you do most of it with reading silently and outloud to yourself..because then you see a *visual* of the words and you get to hear them as doesn't matter if you understand everything..if you understand 30...40..or 50 percent of everything then that is excellent because you'll pave the way for that 100% ;-)...and I tell you from experience..this is how my dad taught me to read and write Arabic at the age of 5..and that's how I learned English..though I knew nothing from it but *yes*..*no*..and *ok* :)

    Alhamdulillah ana bi khair..kayfa haloki anti? inshallah bi khair wa salama? :)

    and how is Eid treating you?!

    thanks sooo much for the was beautiful..and I enjoyed it very much..may you prosper in the dunya and the akhirah inshallah!

    I love you for Allah's sake!

    Siter I love youu soo much :( Im so sorry for replying so late :( Im just very busy you know :( But ur pm made me soo hapyyyy. Sis things at home arent too well...i cant talk right now cuz my i think my parents are coming.....

    i will talk to u later, love you take care

    Asaalam alikum sister, EID MUBARAK :D

    Eid mobarak to you too my dear...may this Eid come upon you next year while you are in the valleys of Makkah making pilgrimage to the house of Allah inshallah!

    I wrote down your digits and inshallah if I get a chance I will contact you

    I have missed talking to you dearly and inshallah I will get the chance to talk to you soon...take good care of yourself

    Salam! How are u my sister fillah? I hope u are well and u are strong in times of harship and ease! May Allah bless u and ur fam! Have a blessed eid inshallah!

    Love u fillah

    السلام عليكِ أختي
    كيف حالك ؟ إن شاء الله بخير
    فلسطينية ؟ تشرفنا .. طمنيني كيف الوضع عندكم ؟
    أنا أختك فاطمة من السعودية
    hey hun, called u back n left u a msg.......she is in aamm an interview lol

    if u have time, we can chat on msn:D
    i will pm u my id:D
    salamu alaikum sis :D
    I have finally met sis Zayna:D:D:D:D
    today at Jumma......we had a brief talk walhamdulilah.
    she is soo down to earth man......i was like SUPER excited lol
    but it went well, she had to rush out tho:( I wish I had more time to talk with her! but that little talk is enuff..nw I knw who she is and will talk to her much
    -part 2-

    but life has its bumps and stations and each one requires attention different from the humans..we only have 24 hours every day to dedicate to them so sometimes we are forced to miss important aspects going on at the same time..but it does not mean that there are ill feelings or intentional is only *human* we need to be patient and considerate of such instances baraka Allaho feeki...I apologize again and again if any offense was instilled in your heart and/or mind..and inshallah I will be able to speak to you soon :)...if I tell you that I love you in Allah's Sake..then know that such love cannot be taken back or lessened for it is the most pure of kinds..and you must have faith in it :)

    -part 1-

    wa alaikom assalam wa rahmato Allah wa barakatoh habibati fi Allah...

    I will be honest with you...I hardly check my emails or log on to my messenger anymore..all of my time on the net I spend either on TTI or any other site of interest at the time if you felt that I am ignoring that it was completely *unintentional*..and I meant no disrespect in it (though it may have felt otherwise for you)...before we are friends..we are sisters in deen..and certainly I *cannot* forget the latter bond as it surpasses the first in meaning and value my dear sister...
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