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  • الإنتظار قطعة من العذاب

    Among one of the few balaghah I remember learning in school [perhaps some spelling errors there]. Why did I post it? Because. .

    I'm trying my best. . . untuk menjaga dari segala aspek especially. . hati. Specifically mine.

    So I feel its best that after this, semuanya adalah melalui Sister Appa. Inshaa Allaah.
    Wa`alaykum us-salaam

    Sorry bro, I read, replied, then my inbox was full and couldn't send.

    I then cleared my inbox a little and forgot to resend!!! Will get to you soon inshaa' Allaah! Apologies.
    Actually, dah tahu benda ni [the link below] a while ago. Just that when people suddenly brought up about this again, just getting on my nerves. And no, of course I do not believe such thing.

    Dalam group Sahabat Masjid, I once sort of enlighten about what all this "Wahabi" is all about [within my limited knowledge] and this Sofee brother seems to be asking me about what I believe etc but in the end we compromise that we follow on what we yaqeen in the best.

    You know. This whole thing, its being opposed by even the government here. Recently I read about how "Wahabism" will not be compromised in this country just because "they want to return to the true ways of The Prophet :saw2: and the Salaaf".

    It's really a tough road out there. Just hope that Allaah will give us the strength to remain as the ghuraba. Ameen.

    Discuss anytime you like inshaAllaah.
    Wa Alaikum Assalaam WR WB :)

    Jazakallah Khair sister, for dropping a reply over the thread :)
    Wa'alaykummusalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    JazaakaAllaahu khayraa akhee. JazaakaAllaahu khayraa for the concern.

    At the moment, I have refrained myself from joining the program completely. Eventually I think people will realize as if I am making excuses every time they call me for meetings etc and I refused/did not answer. I know they will.
    And to you too, I do not wish to seem like I am just looking for excuses or tossing negativity in the air [no offence were taken, don't worry]. Its just that once I am out of this Jemaah, once I exit this zone (not really a comfort zone though), I do not wish to look back again, bi ithnillah.

    The biggest step that I would have to make is to officially announce my departure. Not announce it in public tetapi meng-informkan pada pimpinan about my choice. Once they knew about me, there'll be this session. Sesi brainwash, if I can says so. Mereka tentu akan tanya what leads me to take this big decision, what's my daleel, what's my understanding etc etc. And it might be that somehow, the fear is that I'm not as knowledgeable or that I might not be able to answer this question. But don't despair, all I need right now is some self-motivation that InnaAllaah ma'ana because I know the road that I chose is the right one. The only right one. Just need to muster some strengths, inshaAllaah.
    These days, I've been listening to lectures of Sister Yasmin Mogahed. The one thing she always emphasize on is to not attach oneself to the Dunya. And that everything is a means to The End. The End which is Allaah subhanahu wa Ta'ala. So actually, I do not fear that I'll lose everything, inshaAllaah. Not even fear losing those. . muslimaat, inshaAllaah.

    So, that's pretty much the updates. :) I hope inshaAllaah everything will turn out khaayr for your sister's walimaah and the marriage be a blessed one, dunya wa akhiraah.
    Ya akhee, honestly I feel my heart crying inside reading your response. Not that it caused me headaches but yes, I think I couldn't sleep much at night because of this and also because of the hecticness in my studies.

    I'll tell you what I mean when I said "the people". Sejak dari tamrin "keras" yg kami berikan bai'ah pd jemaah, iaitu Tamrin Penjelasan Fikrah, we have our own batch. Muslimeen and Muslimaat yg dikaderkn [naik jadi ahli] pada tamrin yang sama. And I think this is the people I am talking about. Sahabat-sahabiah saya yang selama ini "berjuang" bersama.
    But I also know, deep down that, perhaps I am going to lose them, I do not mind as much as I know it is Allaah we have to put first and foremost in everything of our life, but this. . is really going to be a hard one. Sometime in the future, akan ada macam satu rasa yang "dia [saya] bukan dari golongan kita dah".

    My ex-raisah that I was talking about. . orang memfitnah dia bila mendapat tahu dia sudah keluar jemaah. And it is when people do not understand and do not respect our decision, fitnah will spread. Saying that kita yang sesat. But its not that what worries me as much too.

    I don't know akhee. Maybe because this is such a huge step. I actually made some slow steps by not joining their program anymore. Tapi lagi saya tidak mahu join, lagi saya dilantik jadi AJK. Ya Allaah Ya Kareem, moga kuatkan kami yang lemah, Ameen.
    Shukraan katheeran akhee and I really don't wish to bother or even burden your life with this matter. Aasifah katheeran. Aasifah. I know. . I really know which road that I wish to thabat in the future. And it certainly not dalam jemaah ini.

    InshaAllaah will do istikhaaraah, seek strengths from Allaah just like how my ex-Raisah did.

    Please settle down with your work and it's fine if you do not wish to talk about this anymore. I am ok with it inshaAllaah.

    BarakaAllaahu feekum.
    What made me reluctant. Maybe of the people I think [though I understand that it is Allaah that we must always put first]. Akhee, dalam jemaah ni, I am among those who are outspoken, questioning about this and that. Yes, I am labelled as syadid, keras and everything but that don't matter. Apa yang saya rasa tidak setuju, I do not follow. But what if I say, if saya keluar, akan membawa fitnah?

    I know this is indeed a test for me. And it ain't an easy one. Not that I am letting myself to indulge dalam apa yg saya rasa xbetul. I am not active dalam join program-program tamrin yang diadakan pd every weekend anymore. I do want to get out, if you doubt that I don't. Very much want to. But maybe I am not strong enough? [Seek strength from Allaah, right] And sahabiah tersebut even said she'll wait for me. Sebab she would like to bring me to that pondok di Kelantan.

    And yes, jemaah ni memang lebih kurang sama dgn PKS di sana.
    Ok, it was a bit silly of me to respond it on my own wall, instead of yours. So here, I am pasting back my yesterday's respond. . .

    BaraakaAllahu feeka akhee for your time. Shukraan.

    No, inshaAllaah there won't be any threat. Perhaps I'll share on what my ex-Raisah went through. She decided about keluar dari jemaah selepas dia join pondok Salafiyah di Kelantan last Ramadhaan. She said that to make that one big decision, she cried, made istikhaarah and everything. It wasn't easy, maybe because dia antara pimpinan yang lepas. Bila dia menyuarakan tentang hijrah dia kepada sahabat pimpinan yang lain, they do not seem to understand. And in fact, seems to be judging. But Allaah permudahkan jalan dia kerana dia dah habis belajar. As for me, I am still here in University.

    To be honest, I always question whether I am better selepas masuk jemaah atau sebelum. I couldn't help but feeling that I am better before.
    And as you can see, at the same time when I went to that tamrin, I researched and read. And I am a Salafi [eventhough I do not like labelling, but I am following the ways of the salaaf, inshaAllaah]. So its a bit of a contradiction here. And selama research saya, most will say that IM adalah sesat. And being ahli jemaah yang mengikut manhaj IM walaupun bukan 100%, I can see that many of what they do don't stress much on mengikut apa yg sahih. Apa yg diajar oleh Nabi. Walaupun asas kepada jemaah ini adalah 3 aspek iaitu Tarbiyyah, Dakwah & Siyasah.

    Saya tidak nafikan, banyak kebaikan yang saya dapat dari jemaah ini tapi. . . rasa bersalah. Bekas pimpinan jemaah kami kat sini, bekas Raisah Lajnah Tarbiyah, alhamdulillah telah join salaf. Maka secara automatik dia bukanlah lagi ahli jemaah kat sini. Tapi alhamdulillah that we are in touch because she knows I'm a Salafi too.

    Please. . nasihat or enlighten about this matter, inshaAllaah. Jazaaka Allaahu khaayraan katheeran.
    So it happened that selepas saya dah melalui fasa join usrah selama 2 semester, kami di"tamrin". Basically, itu cara golongan ikhwaan bergerak. Ditarbiyyah melalui tamrin. And di tamrin ini lah kami telah berbaiah. Untuk ber'intima dengan Jemaah PAS. To be honest, this thing happened without us intending it to be. Kader-kader [Pelapis-pelapis] yang akan dinaikkan untuk menjadi ahli akan melalui satu tamrin yang agak keras kemudian akan berbaiah.
    Akhee, here the thing. I am going to respond to the reason why I asked such question but its going to be quite long, so please bear with me inshaAllaah. And I may use Malay language if you don't mind? Even there's quite a difference [perbedaan = perbezaan] but I hope you'll understand, inshaAllaah.

    Satu masa dulu, when I was in my junior yrs at Uni, I joined the halaqah, usraah that they constantly do at the masjid. Alhamdulillah for the "pengisian" that I got from it. Without knowing that, usrah tersebut sebenarnya dijalankan oleh satu jemaah yang bergerak di "belakang" sahabat masjid. Jemaah PAS. If you refer to the thread you once created and I responded in that thread, I mentioned about PAS. PAS ni parti politik kat Malaysia. Tetapi. . . manhajnya adalah manhaj Ikhwaan.
    La ba'saa. JazaakaAllaahu khaayraa. Yes, I went to the link and saved the lectures, Alhamdulillah. Thanks for sharing.

    Well, considering whether it is important or not regarding IM, it is. But perhaps I'll ask you next time when the time permits, inshaAllaah.
    Also the thread that you link me about the Haa'iyyah poem, I really wanted to download the English version by Brother Moosa but seems like the link is broken. Could you please link me to another link where I can download the full translation? JazaakaAllaahu khaayr.
    Assalamua'alaykum wa rahmatullah. Akhee, I would like to ask a bit of your time if you can share with me a bit about Ikhwan al-Muslimeen. Afterwards, I have questions about it inshaAllaah.
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