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  • :salam2:

    i hope you and you daughter are doing all right sister.i just want to know whether shaikh asim al hakim will come online on not and how could i access to the chatroom .i cannt access to the room anymore .:jazaak:
    :salam2: alaikum warahmatullah wabarakat beloved sis.
    I tried the link u sent to me in ur pm,but I think it is not you for the sake of ALLAH swt, and may he makes everything in life easy for you,ameen.
    :wasalam: warahamthullah wabarakat
    assalamualaikum sister,
    i dont know why when i try the link you given me the message appears; the link is broken; jazaakallah khair
    the link is not workin on my pc .it is not opening i dont know why?
    Please let me know if you have any of those great programs again please..
    i was unable to be there last time but inshaAllah next time i will.... jazakAllah ukhti :)
    Assalam alaikom wa Rahman tullah wa burrahktohu,
    Jazak alak khairun for the invite today with brother Sheikh Assim, Alhamdulillah Allah azza wa jal!

    May Allah keep you under His protection, love, mercy & guidance always. Ma'shAllah it is lovely to be connected to you sister.
    Fi amanillah
    jazakallah khair for the link.but do u know what am not brelve(those who invent bidah)
    i belong to ahlusunnah waljamat and i seek help only from my Allah Almighty.
    tc waslam
    salam which nation you are from? are you familiar with alazhar university egypt
    is it an islamic university
    salam , i talk with brother mabsoot on msn but he is busy most of the time do you talk with him on msn
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