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  • Assalamualaikum Sister Ya Allah Madad,

    Wow, I didnt know Khangul was your Biological Sister. And that must be your beautiful niece then? Masha Allah she is so cute. Calls for a friendship request ha? I am so surprised. May Allah keep her safe and happy in Canada, always. :)

    Hmm, any other members I should know about? Lol, you know what I mean. Well I dont think you have invited 'them' to this forum yet. Well its not a bad means of communication. :D Yikes, no not on TTI. Keep me informed, and dont let Ammi Jaan spot you in the basement. ;)

    "rozgar-e-zamana" is that thing which makes you busy in emails with someone in AU :) This definition is specially for you sister. I can extend it more but you will perhaps get annoyed.

    Looking forward to the poetry of sister KhanGul.

    Thanks for the lesson sister.

    Khadaye pa aman
    they wont kill i gurantee it.well,i translate pakhto into english whenever i try to speak english lol.
    i love his poetry but brother i cant remeber it cos i have very poor memory.bhai jaan phir app sey app ki yeh behan poochay gi roozgra e zamana kia hota hy?;)
    i am so excited because i sound like a teacher;)
    my sister u know her very well"khangul" she is my biological sister and she lives in canada.she is a poetess herself,a very good poetess indeed.
    well hummmmmm today's lesson is" khadaye pa aman "
    means Allah Hafiz
    take care my brothers and sisters
    Sister Ya ALLAH madad indeed posseses knowledge but I never read poetry in any of her messages . May be she is busy in "rozgaar-e-zamana"

    "pa khair raghley means welcome and pa kahir ose means..." Thanks for the addition to my knowledge. I hope pathans wont kill me if i say it wrong :)

    BTW, has any one of u read Iqbal deeply? He has wonderfull mentality and He has changed my life by changing my way of thinking.

    Yes sister Mesbah, I am in pakistan but my mother tongue is not urdu.

    "pa khair raghley" and "pa phair raghley", there is apparent difference between the two. So, I would call ur language, AuPashtu.

    You are into journalism? Have you written any articles etc? If you plan to write those in future, i would request you to write them about muslim renaissance or our golden past. If you are not interested in history or islam, then you can simply ignore these lines

    Do we need TTI in pashtu or AuPashto as well :)

    So wats the lesson for today sister Ya ALLAH madad?
    Dear Sister Ya Allah Madad,

    Lol at Rahman Baba and Allama Iqbal. Well you said it. Thats exactly what I meant! ( I am going to pretend I didnt read your Urdu comment, as I dont agree at all :()

    Brother Al Qurtubi, you are? Pakistani? Or have Pathan local friends? That sounds like your in Pakistan. :D But you must be Urdu speaking yourself, your mother tongue. Look at my silly assumptions. And hmm, no its not Aussie Pakhto. If you are in Pakistan then the dialect is very different to mine, and that is maybe why you dont hear it from the locals. And if your not in Pakistan, ignore my waffle.

    Anyhow, Sister Ya Allah Madad will be giving us all Pakhto and Urdu classes ha? Well I have to admit, there is heaps we can learn from her. :)

    Take Care and See you around, Salaamualaykum
    asslamualakium dear Mesbah,
    hope inshallah ur fine.
    well ur making me sound like rehman baba of pakhtoo.and allama iqbal of urdu;)
    yeh nacheez kuch bhi nhy hay.:(
    i really have to learn how to be patient and humble.
    pa khair raghley means welcome and pa kahir ose means Allah salamat rakhey.
    well,i can tink about it.nice idea
    wsalam and I really dont know what "Pe Phair Raghley" and "Pe Khair Ose" means? I would like to learn though. Is that "AUPashto"? As I have never heared those words from local pathans ever.

    Sister ya allah madad , can you start taking pashtu classes at TTI?
    Salaamualaykum Brother AlQurtubi

    Insha Allah this reaches you in good health. LOL, I will tell you that now, Pe Khair Raghley to this conversation! And Pe Khair Ose. And I am assuming you know what it means. Yes you can jump in, anytime! :D Just dont expect anymore Pakhto from me, mine is a jumble of Aussie and Pakhto.. so bad :( I have to learn from Sister Ya Allah Madad, she is a poet! Pakhto and Urdu literature Genius, thats what she is! And I think this is her page ;).

    Fee Amanillah.
    can i jump into this pashtu or what ever you are speaking?
    But, all i know is "pakhair raghlay".

    I will reply to ur message soon ya ALLAH madad. Life has been really busy and keep on the hunt :D
    Lol, yes I know Ammi Jaan. Your funny man. Try your best. Go to your basement, underground, go in hiding, but do it. :D

    Fee Amanillah, Salaamualaykum
    walaikumasalam khwagey
    kha yum alhamdulillah pa maza ke.:)
    aao sta khair da Allah na ghwaram.And ur nicknames too:D
    i am supposed to resist u know?i cant u know Ammi jaan very well.
    But tell me one thing where have u been all these days?:(
    Salaamualaykum Gorgeous,

    Sengaye Khor Jaane? And so many other nicknames I want to add, but no :D. Take very good care of yourself and keep me updated with your 'communication' (LOL). You better put it in practice. I know you will, but jeez how can you resist ha?

    Pe Loy Khuday de Sparema,

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