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    "Jaajuus Janno ma galo!"<< remember that ?lol but dude, how mean of you. Why aa maskiinka saas ugu suubisey..? Yu were even rooting for him in laga ceeriyo meesha. *Shakes head disappointedly* be nice yah! Oh and when I showed ubax sheekada meesha ka dhacde, she said "ooh wiilka xayyi waayee" hahaha

    oh yea ukhtiyeey! That was an epic fail! Bissinka! We stayed up three whole nights for that and the brothers won?!:O
    But I joined, no worries. Quick q tho, when did you study Al-qahtani's Nûniyyah?? That poem is a good 700 lines!O.O I(its actually Ubax's) have the CD yknow. The poem is in a nasheed form though. and it only goes upto about... 56 lines, I think.
    Lol! Mrs. Abu `Ali kullahaa ! subhanallah! FYI, he's too duq for me so young bloods leen kadambeeyaa hada. Namely, `Abdul `aziiz xasan yacquub.^_~

    Oh God, dont even remind me. War I've no clue how mothers handle this hadaan Ku dhahone?! Just bout 30 mins ago, we had to chase down Ahmad cos ubax opened the from door and he saw that as a chance to go outside so he ran on the street, bare foot. But now he's a sleep. Lol wallahi imtixaan waaye ciyaalkaan.

    Haha, naa why were yu not on TTI aan ka wade dee..agah!
    And you know me sxb, I get excited markaa something similar to 'dagaal' arko. Blame those Niarobi kids we used to fight..walle i missed those days!
    Wa`alaik salaam warahmatullaah!

    LOL! How can I forget...Yasmiin!:p

    Manumaan ture wallaah! Being a haadha for yahya and Ahmad since habaryar and abti left... But where were you for the past...year??

    Oh yeah, I noticed! On your 1st day back here..dagaal aabo gashey! Cajiib lol but dont let it get to you adne.. Hadii kale you'll find yourself adiga oo meeshaan ka dareereesid!=( and i dont want you to! Fahamt?( carabic still sucks)

    Lol! Yahya doesn't talk to Ajaanibs so I suggest you leave him alone. Unless, you're willing to deal with Ahmad..hahaha

    See yu 'round saaxib!:)
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