“There is no peace with checkpoints or settlements, with siege or starvation."

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    Nonviolent Palestinian resistance to occupation: there is no peace with checkpoints or settlements
    (Ramallah) Palestine News Network
    Friday, 23 March 2007

    As a bastion of Palestinian nonviolent resistance to Israeli occupation, western Ramallah's Bil'in Village hosted a conference for all regions of the West Bank. None of its districts are being spared the devastation of the Wall and settlement expansion. The People's Committee to Resist the Wall, and the national and Islamic resistance movements, convened to strategize.

    The Governor of Ramallah, Dr. Said Abu Ali, opened the conference of behalf of President Abbas and conveyed greetings to the longstanding and strong Palestinian tradition of nonviolent resistance.

    Opening comments included, “There is no peace with checkpoints or settlements, with siege or starvation."

    Continuing the opening speech, Dr. Abu Ali said, "All of these things impede the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and any semblance of justice. There is peace with international law.”

    Mohamed Mansour of Bil'in spoke, a town in which Israeli forces have beaten and arrested the leadership of the nonviolent resistance. They have closed roads to prevent journalists from covering the weekly demonstrations, and have attacked nonviolent Palestinians who stand on their own land with signs calling for justice.

    Mansour said that the conference, which gathered hundreds of Palestinians, was the result of “difficult conditions experienced by the village and the harassment of activists, particularly the People's Committee.” He said, “Today's event is the result of perseverance. Nonviolent resistance is not easy and not quick. It is continuous and creative and the legal struggle has brought some results and expects more.”

    Coordinator of the People's Committee, Mohammad Ilyas, said that the Wall is part of the Zionist ideology that Palestinian land is for the people of Israel, including the water, trees, economic livelihoods, and the holy city of Jerusalem.

    Shawan Jabarin of the Foundation of the Right pointed out that all forms of resistance to the Wall are legal, and that the Wall itself contravenes international law, including the International Court of Justice decision in the Hague. “The opinion of the Hague is binding, but Israel does not operate under international law. We will never accept settlements or the Wall.”

    Source: http://english.pnn.ps/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1995&Itemid=1

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