100 days of The Saudi Aggression against Yemen


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Al Salam Aleykom,
Since Saudi Arabia launched its war against the innocent people of Yemen , there have been so many killed, houses destroyed, the air strikes did not stop even in Ramadhan, there is an embargo increasing the humanitarian crisis. Bombing every corner of Yemen ( except the part where Al Qaeda works: Hadhramout ;)) will not bring peace, only an agreement between yemeni factions will realise peace. This Saudi ( sunni) intervention comes on the ground that Houthis ( zeydis ) are backed by Iran ( Shia ), so the the foreing policy of the Saudis just views the middle east as an arena of conflict between Shia and Sunna, that's why they back Al qaeda in Syria and they were in total harmony with Israel concerning the Iran nuclear deal. Thanks to this veiw, the middle east is going to live a new Sykes Pikot, as usual the western powers will draw the lines and even the Saudi will harvest what they sowed.