Article 4 Basic but Highly Effective Ways to Create an Ideal Islamic Environment

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    Children are a Sadaqah Jariya for parents. Benefits of Dua, even after the death of the parents the reward or torment reaches them depending upon deeds of their children. It signifies the importance of giving Islamic education and upbringing children in an Islamic environment. Mothers are the first learning institution for a child to bring up them up into best of a man. It is the sheer obligation of parents to induct Islamic ethics and commandments into their kids. The environment at home is the primary variable which reshapes kids and aids in transforming kids into better Muslims. Setting an Islamic environment at home will put a positive impact on each member of a family.

    Here are some tips to create an Islamic environment at home:

    Islamic Library

    Set up a small Islamic library at home with Islamic literature, books, audios, and videos. Take out some time to read with them and encourage them to read daily. Involve kids in building up a library like:

    · Ask family members where a decent space would be

    · Place a bookshelf

    · Setup a computer

    Verse and Hadith a Day

    Share a verse or hadith daily with your family to make them conscious of Islamic teachings and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It will make kids acquaint with the fundamentals of Islam and Quran. You can achieve this by:

    · Sit down with the family, share and discuss hadith

    · Casual update over dinner

    · Paste a hadith in a fridge

    · Whatsapp or family group messages on the cell phone

    Prayer in Congregation

    First, the parents must establish regular prayer themselves. Then make an effort and perform Salah with the family at least once a day. It can be Fajr or Esha or both. You will get a chance to start or end the day with your family for the sake of Allah SWT. You can start with:

    · Alarm clocks synchronized in every room

    · First family member to wake up awaken others

    · Azaan at home nice and loud

    · Water gun for deep sleepers

    Quran Recitation

    A home of Muslims must have a dose of Quran daily. Family members must hear and recite the Quran on a regular basis. Your children must be immune to Quranic verses from early childhood. Make a habit of:

    · Recite Surah Yasin in the morning and Surah Mulk after Esha

    · Reading Quran after a fix Salah

    · Reading Quran as a family together at a particular time

    · Playing Surah Baqarah on a daily basis


    Parents will be accountable for upbringing and teaching of children on the Judgment Day. Therefore, we must put effort to make our kids perfect Muslims by giving them an ideal Islamic environment at home.

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