A beautiful advice to the people of this world


Subhana Allah!
:):salam2:A beautiful advice to the people of this world

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Alluring to people is the love of women and sons, and mountains of gold and silver and fine horses and cattle and land. These are the glamours of the life of this world. The hereafter is best in ALLAH's sight. Should I tell you about something which is better than these things? For those who believe and do right, there will be for them gardens of paradise, beneath which rivers will flow. I give you the good news of being there.

ALLAH has made a trade with the believers that in return for their wealth and their own selves, He will give them a home in His paradise, gardens of happiness beneath which rivers flow, to stay in there forever. A repayment from their Lord, for their good deeds. They will have therein pure friends, and ALLAH will make them enter cool shades. The promise of ALLAH is true, and whose word can be truer than ALLAH's?

Whoever does good deeds whether male or female and is a believer -- they will enter a garden whose width is the width of the sky and the earth. An excellent reward for the doers of right. ALLAH will be pleased with them and they will be pleased with ALLAH. ALLAH will remove whatever of ill-feeling that is in their hearts, and they will be as brethren, facing each other. They will say: O ALLAH! All Glory and thanks be to You, for guiding us to this. We would not have found the way had it not been that You had guided us. It will be said to them: This is the garden of which you are made heirs in return for what you did. Enter there in peace and comfort. Their greetings in it will be: Peace; and they will say: Praise be to ALLAH, the LORD OF THE WORLDS. They will enter there along with those who did good from their parents, spouses and children. The angels will come to them from every gate. They will stay in there by their Lord's permission. They will be wearing bracelets of gold and pearls, and their clothes therein will be of silk. I give you the good news of entering there.

It has been reported by Abu Sa'id, AbdALLAH, and Omar b. Muhammad (May ALLAH be pleased with them) that ALLAH's Messenger ( May peace and blessings be upon him ) had said: On the day of resurrection death would be brought in the form of a white colored ram, and placed between hell and heaven. Then it would be slaughtered, and it would be said : O people of paradise, no death for you. O people of hell, no death for you. (The people would stay in their dwelling places forever). This would increase the delight of the people of paradise, and increase the grief of the people of hell. ( Muslim - May ALLAH have mercy on him).

The people of paradise will stay in there forever. A never ending gift from THE MOST MERCIFUL. They will have pure mates in there, and they will not be dealt unjustly in any way. They won't have any fear nor will they be sad. In these gardens would be all that the eyes could delight in, and more than all they could wish for. ALLAH will say: This is the day when the truth will benefit the truthful. Peace be on you because you were patient. Enter in peace and security. O soul, be in rest and satisfaction. Welcome to your Lord. Well pleased I am with you. Enter amongst my servants. Yes, enter My heaven.

They will have gardens with rivers flowing underneath. No harm will afflict them, nor will they ever be expelled from it. That is the great success. They will wear green robes made of fine silk interwoven with gold, lying on raised thrones encrusted with jewels. An excellent repayment. They will stay there and they will not want to be removed from it. They won't hear any ill talking in there, but only: "Peace". They will have their food therein morning and evening. A good repayment from THE MOST EXCELLENT OF CREATORS. Again I give you the good news that you will enter there. Therein you will have giant Mansions, bubbling fountains, Comfortable cushions, Cups and dishes of gold, fruits, any that you may select from, meat, drink, green cushions and rich carpets of beauty, Joy, peace, ease, satisfaction, and anything else that you may ask for. No soul knows what delights of the eye ALLAH has prepared for His servants. ALLAH is truly The Forgiving and The Merciful.

But whoever rejects ALLAH and His Messenger, ALLAH will cause them to enter a fire whose fuel is men and stones, to stay in it. They will have a humiliating punishment in it. As often as their skins are burned, ALLAH will replace them for new skins, so that they may feel the punishment. They will be linked together in chains and shackles and their shirts will be made of pitch, and fire will cover their faces. Their clothes will be made of fire, and boiling water will be poured over their heads. They will be whipped with whips made of iron. Whenever they would desire to get away from it, from suffering, they will be thrown back into it, "Feel the punishment of burning," then in the fire they will be burned. Death will approach them from everywhere, but they will not die. They will be made to drink from a boiling spring. When they will enter Hell, they will hear the sucking in of its breath as it burns, bursting with anger. A bottomless pit that does not leave the person alone.

Those who swallow the property of the orphans unjustly, they only swallow fire into their bellies and they will enter the burning fire.

There are amongst people that say: There is nothing but our life of this world, and we shall not be raised up. If you could only see when they are made to stand before their Lord. He will say: Isn't this the truth? They will say: Yes! By our Lord. He will say: Taste then the punishment because you rejected! They are the losers indeed. Can't they see that ALLAH will produce a new creation just like He produced the previous one?

O my dear brothers and sisters! Keep up regular prayers and spend in charity out of what ALLAH has given to you, secretly and openly, before there comes to you a day in which there will be no bartering nor mutual befriending. This world's life is only a game. Boastings and braggings and competings. The hereafter, that is the real life.
may Allah guide us all ameen:tti_sister: