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Asallam Alaikoum brothers in islam... Peace on you all Nation of Islam;
I was cheered up and thanked allah a lot to have found such a Muslims' or non-Muslims Bowl...I accidently found it while I was searching for Yusuf's Islam Life story. I'll need it for my students whod do love listening to loud-western-music...Though it hurts our religion and dwindels our values as Muslims. I wanted for a substitute to introduce to our pupils,& I have found our brother as a great model. Thanks to Allah to have found you by our side. Joy has overwelmed me and forgot to introduce myself. My name is Houari, from Algeria. I am an educator, a teacher of English. I live in a samll town, yet the bahaviour of the children is getting to be affected a day after the other. I wish you can help us to show the pupils what' s the aim of teaching them a foreign language!!??salem Alaikom and my Allah cause us to enter his vast Pradise! Amine. :salah:

ibn azem

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Welcome to the TTI forum brother in Islam, hope the site can be of use for you and your students as well.



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Walaikum Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Walaikum Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Brother Houari,

Ahalan wa sahlan ya akhi.... Masha Allah it is a blessing of Allah to have your presence here. May Allah accept from us all and enter us in Jannat Al Firdaus. Ameen. We look forward to hear and learn from you, bi izn Allah . We have soem very good brotehrs here in the US from Algeria.


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Asalam Alakum

welcome brother and i hope you can benifit as much as possible from this site.
If there is anything that you would like to know please do ask for we are all here to help each other get a better understanding of Islam.


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welcome bro :)))

:salam2: bro
:SMILY206: to TTI
Do enjoy ur stay n hopefully every student of urs will benefit fm the info given :inshallah:
:wasalam: :hijabi: