A Woman’s running became an Obligation in Islam-Hajirah


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This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Jameel’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets.

Allah used a woman (Hajirah) as means to lay down foundation for this Ummah (community of Muslims). She is young woman. Allah could have asked Sarah to go to Makkah (who is much older). Allah could have given Sarah a son instead of Hajirah (earlier). First wife Sarah herself is saying when she was to have child:

“Shall I give birth while I am an old woman” (11:72)

Allah could have given our (great) mother Sarah son and (asked Ibrahim to) leave her in inhabited place (Makkah). At that old age, one is with their husband but their desires are diminished. Rather what did Allah do?

Hajirah a young woman who must have been 20-25 years old, she has a son. Allah asked Ibrahim (as) to take her and the son. When they reached Makkah where there is no water, grain or human. Only a shallow valley which was surrounded by mountains from all sides. He was asked to leave them there and go. There is no food or water. The basic needs of life are not there.

He set out homeward with his camel. He (as) walked until he reached Kada, three miles far. Hajirah asked “What is my fault? Why are you leaving me? Where are you going?” Ibrahim (as) was silent and did not look back. She asked “to whom are you leaving us to?”. Then it dawned on her that he is Prophet. She asked “Has Allah ordered you to do this?” Ibrahim (as) nodded. She said, “Then He will not neglect us”. (Incident is in Bukhari)

Think of Hajirah and first night she has to experience surrounded by these dark mountains. I climbed one of mountains in Makkah, today you don’t experience that (most of it is levelled). I gave a speech to community that lives on top of one of the mountains in Makkah. First time I saw sunset in Makkah. I was at such height that buildings looked small from there. That view or setting of seeing the valley in Makkah came forth to me (where Hajirah had to stay). In darkness of night surrounded by these tall dark mountains, you can imagine what was Hajirah’s state. There is a child in her lap. You have roof of blue sky, there are mountains and in all directions there is no sound. She is alone.

What does Allah desire? In her womb, will come forth Final Prophet and community of believers that will be means of guidance in four corners of the world. In the morning when she opened her eyes, she had to experience heat of Makkah. Once by mistake I placed my hand on rock I felt my hand was burnt. And at that time there wasn’t that much of heat. Reflect on this she didn’t even have shade where she could take shelter from the sun. There are nothing but small acacia trees. She cannot protect her child from heat, the water in water-skin and food was finished. Now the child is crying unaware of what is happening.

In this whole incident, our mother Hajira has made the biggest sacrifice. Ibrahim (as) had two other wives to whom he had returned. For Ibrahim (as), he had to sacrifice being away from his young wife and son. But the other wives are with him. During that time, Allah had also given Sarah (first wife) a son Isaac. For Hajirah, she had to sacrifice her prime young age, lush green land of Palestine and husband like Ibrahim (as). A separation of loving husband, is that easy? And you have husband like Ibrahim (as). Allah created Prophets beautiful both externally and in their character. There is no comparison to a Prophet’s health and strength. And Prophets are epitome of character. To leave a husband like this? Is that easy for a woman?

“If Allah has asked me then I submit” (paraphrasing what Hajirah said). There is no food, water and child is crying. She doesn’t know whether someone is going to come or not. She couldn’t bear seeing her child cry. At a hospital in Qatar, I saw a mother with her child crying in pain. I am stranger yet felt compassion towards the child. I could only imagine what the state of the mother is. Hajirah went back and forth between two mountains Safa and Marwa. Today they have levelled those mountains and created a gallery, despite that we get tired walking (Saee in Hajj/Umrah). Hajirah thought to herself each time she ran back and forth perhaps she will find someone.

Allah was so pleased with her ‘running’ that Allah made it obligatory for every Prophet after that to run like your mother (ie Hajirah). (As tribute) Allah also asked our Prophet (saw) to revive practice of your (great) mother (Hajirah) and run like her at the location where she ran.

[Saee ie running between Safa and Marwa is integral rite in both Hajj and Umrah. We may not know the appearance or possessions of Hajirah which is what people hanker after. But Muslims will pay tribute to Hajirah till Day of Judgement. It’s honor that will never diminish. “This is the bounty of Allah” (62:4) ]



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