A-Z Drug Facts : Book 4 Downloading !!

Abu Sarah

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salam Alaykum...

A-Z Drug Facts

u can Drownload it from Attach Files

<wasalam Alaykum>


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When going to this page to download this book this is the response you will get.

This file has been deleted.
Reason: No download for a longer period. Inactivity-timeout exceeded

Abu Sarah

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Assalam alaykum..

this theard updates..

theren't link now..u can download the book from attachment..



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what are you talking about Drugs i don't think anybody does anytype of drugs were
its funny i once have been to drug hehab its funny people talk about how they are drug free and how long its been and then as soo they get out of the class they talk about whose home they are going to go to do drugs -(i accompanied a freind of mine)

may allah save us all and keep us away from that stuff its scary what it can do its just sick and sad to see such people.
btw my freind was a muslim.

Abu Sarah

Allahu Akbar
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wa Alaykum Assalam

akhi may be u misunderstand something here..

i leave u in care of Allah