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In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Bestower of His mercy

Recently, it was asked to me concerning The Noble Scholar Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez Al Aqeel, who exactly is he? Many people are unaware of this scholar, and some confuse him with Sheikh Muhammed Al Aqeel from Madina. There is no problem in people asking about a scholar, especially when little has been mentioned about him.

In fact, the noble Salaf of our Ummah held such a question to be praiseworthy. Muhammed bin Sireen said: Verily this knowledge is religion, therefore, let all of you look to whom he takes his knowledge from. (Sunan Ad Daramee), and other than this from the various statements of the Salaf encouraging the Muslims in taking knowledge from the Scholars of Ahlu Sunnah, especially the elders from amongst them. Thus, in an effort to make my brothers aware of this noble scholar, I translate the following, and I ask Allah to accept it from me.


Name: Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez bin Aqeel bin Abdullah bin Abdul Kareem Ala Aqeel
Born: He was born in the city of Unayzah , the year 1335h. (presently 93yrs old)
His studies and scholars: He was raised in the care of his father Sheikh Abdul Azeez Al Aqeel. His father is considered to be one of the well known scholars of Unayzah, and also famous for his poetry and writings. Therefore, his father is considered to be his first teacher.

Allah prepared a house of learning for Sheikh Abdullah. Along with his father, his older brother (Aqeel bin Abdul Azeez) was known for carrying knowledge, and was a judge in Al 'Aridah city in the Jizaan region located in the south of Saudi Arabia . Likewise, his uncle, Abdul Rahman bin Aqeel was a judge in the city of Jizaan .

Sheikh Abdullah completed his early studies in the school of the teacher Bin Saleh, then he moved on to study in the school of the well known teacher, Sheikh Abdullah Al Qar'awee. Sheikh Abdullah bin Aqeel memorized the Quran and many books that were being memorized by the students during that time. The likes of: Umdatul Ahkam, Zad Al Mustakne', Elfiyat Ibn Malek in Arabic grammer, and other then this.

After successfully completing this level, he joined the circles of the Scholar of Unayzah and the great knowledgeable man of Qasim, Sheikh Abdul Rahman As Sa'dee (rahimahullah). He studied with Sheikh Abdul Rahman As Sa'dee consistently and learned from him: The Quran, Tafseer, Tawheed, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Arabic grammer, and more. He also benefited from the other scholars of Unaynah that were present during that time, the likes of: The great senior scholar of hadeeth Ali bin Nasir Abu Wadee. He read with him Sahih Al Bukhari and Muslim, The books of Sunan, The Musnad of Imam Ahmed, and Miskat al Masabeeh. He received his Ijazah (recognition/authorization of his scholar) in these works with a high chain of narration going back to his scholar's teacher, the great Muhadith of India Nathir Hussain (died 1229h.)

While Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel worked as a judge in Riyadh, he was very diligent in sitting with His Eminence Sheikh Muhammed bin Ibrahim Ala Sheikh. He constantly studied with him and joined his learning circles that were being taught in different fields of knowledge. He also benefited from His Eminence Sheikh Muhammed Ibrahim while working with him in the Committee of Religious Verdicts for over 15 years. He learned tremendously from his character, understanding, and his manner in dealing with people. He also benefited greatly from several other respected scholars that came to Riyadh to teach in The faculty of Shariah. The likes of Sheikh Muhammed Ameen Shanqitee (died 1393h.) 'the author of 'Adwa Al Bayan', as well as Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Al 'Afeefee (died 1415h.), and other than them.

Some of his duties:

In 1353h. he worked as an attendant and scribe for his Uncle, the judge in the Jizan (south) area. He also performed work as an Imam, Khateeb (Friday lecturer), prison work, religious lectures and teaching.

In 1357h. he returned to his province and continued to study with Sheikh Abdul Rahman As Sa'dee. He attended his classes and lectures until 1358h. In that year he was instructed by King Abdul Azeez to transfer to the courts in Abu Urash. Alongside his new duties, he continued to teach, lecture, and enjoin the good and forbid the evil. He remained a judge in Abu Urash for five straight years.

In 1365h. he was instructed by King Abdul Azeez at the request of His Eminence Sheikh Muhammed Ibrahim, to move and become a judge in Al Karj, where he remained for a year. Thereafter, he was transferred to the main courts of Riyadh. He remained a judge in the main courts of Riyadh until 1370h., and thereafter was transferred to the courts in Unayzah, his home, and the home of his scholar Abdul Rahman As Sa'dee. His job as a judge in Unayzah did not prevent him from studying with his scholar and benefiting from him. He also took part in the establishment of The Committee for Enjoining the Good and Forbidding Evil in the city of Unayzah .

He continued to work as a judge in Unayzah until 1375h. During that time, The Committee of Religious Verdicts was established in Riyadh under the presidency of His Eminence Sheikh Muhammed Ibrabim Ala Sheikh, and Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel was instructed by King Abdul Azeez to be a member of this committee. He began his new duties in 1375h.This new position was considered a grand chance for him to study and learn from His Eminence Sheikh Muhammed bin Ibrahem Ala Sheikh.

The Sheikh is presently retired from working as a judge. It is mentioned that he no longer works, in order to dedicate his time to knowledge, family, and his students. He is always seen studying and teaching, alongside answering questions by way of phone or in person.

Much more can be said about the life of this noble scholar, but we chose to summarize this biography.

The following is a brief mention of the great bond of love and brotherhood between Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel and our beloved Sheikh Rabee' bin Hadee Al Mudkhalee (may Allah preserve them both).

Sultan Al Juhanee (student of Sheikh Rabee') mentioned:

On the 19th day of Muharram the year 1428h., I was with Sheikh Rabee', and after we prayed Magrib prayer we went to the Haram. Accompanying us were the brothers Ahmed bin Muhammed Ad Diwanee, and Abdul Lateef Shareef. We arrived at the Haram before Isha prayer, and upon entering we headed toward Al Madina door where Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez Al Aqeel sits. Once we arrived there, as soon as he (Sheikh Abdullah Al Aqeel) saw Sheikh Rabee', he stood up and greeted him, and Sheikh Rabee' greeted him in return. Sheikh Abdullah wanted to kiss the head of Sheikh Rabee', but Sheikh Rabee' refused. Upon this, Sheikh Abdullah stated: Be gentle to your brothers, but Sheikh Rabee' continued to refuse until Sheikh Abdullah finally kissed his head and they hugged with great love and brotherhood.

This is merely a paragraph of what was written by our brother Sultan concerning the meeting between these two noble scholars. More will be mentioned in the future if Allah permits.

A few points of interest taken from this small biography:

- The present age of the Sheikh is 93 years old.

- His scholars are the same teachers of Sheikh Abdul Azeez bin Baz, Sheikh Muhammed bin Uthaymeen, Sheikh Ahmed An Najmee, and others.

- The great bond of brotherhood and love between him and our beloved Sheikh Rabee' bin Hadee, even though he is older then Sheikh Rabee' by 20 years!

May Allah preserve our scholars of Ahlu Sunnah and give them good in this life and the next.

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our last Messenger Muhammed, and upon his family members and companions.

Compiled by Our Brother : Mustafa George


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Imaam of Hanaabilah of our time
shaykh Abdullaah bin Abdul-Azeez bin Aqeel


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